Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

Let me begin by saying that Tracey Morgan’s use of God’s Creation ability as a - non mistake occurrence - is another example of people using shallow vacation bible school learning as the unadulterated truth. I ask, what in the hell does Tracey know about God’s creation other than what his momma, daddy, and some in-the-closet deacon told him? And, if he wants to play around with his biblical beliefs, let me further question, “Why did God repeatedly sanction the death of children in the Hebrew Bible (OT) and why did this same mean-azz God issue threats of death and destruction to the Created, homo sapiens, in King James’ pathetic version of what some call Grace – but is really ‘The Easy Way Out’? Who is this God that does not make mistakes? Tracey is right…God does not make mistakes…God is just a force that plays horrible tricks on the Created. What do you call it when two people are told not to do something, and the deity that gave the mandate pretends to be gone/not paying attention – but is still omnipresent…then knowingly the Created would disobey? That is the description of a cunning manipulator. God set Adam and Eve up! God framed them…that’s if you believe the Garden of Eden story. Also, I guess God’s Mistakes are:

Paul Robenson

Alvin Ailey

Langston Hughes

I can go on and on. Tracey Morgan is a damn idiot!

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

I guess I am gay if I

Enjoy reading, maintain a clean household, want to take a shower after I take a big nasty shit, live in Atlanta, Georgia, prefer to make love and not f*ck, is more interested in talking instead of shutting down, drop a few tears when horrific tragedies are aired on the world news, wash-up with wet wipes, like to eat sushi, listen to classical music, talk to my kids instead of beating them like slaves were beat, deplore the word faggot, cross my legs while smoking a pipe, always defends God’s Greatest Gift (women), attend wine tastings, visit art galleries, have manners, tuck-in my oxfords, don’t sag, serve on the PTA, shops at the farmer’s market, mostly drink imported beer, doesn’t mind briefly holding his woman’s purse while she adjust her skirt before she goes into an interview, is okay with braiding his niece’s hair, is not embarrassed to go with his female cousins to purchase tampons, wears a sarong to the pool, like smoothies, and been known to have gay friends, mentors, and doctors.

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

Jesus could have been easily tagged as a gay man. He was passionate. Understanding. All those other attributes that real women prefer. To end this Gay Azz Commentary: Jesus did hangout with NOTHING BUT men. Twelve of them! And, he did let a man by the name of Judas give him a kiss:

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

The Black Rebel will defend anyone, man or women, who has been the receiver of Western and religious bigotry. I don’t care if he/she likes the same gender. People are God’s Created…and before we start quoting what the bible says let us understand that being gay does not excommunicate one from the Human family. You may not agree with…whatever you want to call someone’s life…but you and them (us) have to live in what could have been a gay (look up the word) world if you Christians, Muslims, and other pollutants would not have corrupted the universe with


By the way, if I were gay I would be mad as hell with all these people pretending to be gay…as if it is the cool thing to do/be. By the way again, all these holy rollers who subscribe to the homophobic rhetoric may want to condemn David and Solomon, they were male whores..that’s if you believe

The Word of God.

I said it…and I am completely comfortable with anyone thinking/assuming that I am homosexual…but Me due like

The Black Rebel