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Beauty and Rebellious Sacrifice

Her beauty is astonishing! It makes you stop and do a triple take. This black woman (pictured above) is more than beauty walking. She is REMARKABLE.

Deliberately placing oneself in dangerous territory can easily be tagged as stupid. In this case, Kimberly Motley is not among the stupid. She is a Rebel sacrificing. Not many of us have her courage.

Her beautiful story!

The Black Rebel


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Black Leader Rift

Egos are deadly. Toxic. Destructive. Al has a big one and Tavis has a gigantic one! Both men are good at what they do. Al is the last of the Frontline Go Getters and Tavis is still evolving. Tavis actually despite popular opinion has worked hard to help black people get to where they need to be: Over the Hump. His State of the Black Union ran its course thus the reason he “abandoned” it. I don’t too much plan him. He did his part. He re-started the dialogue. Challenged us to address our self-induced problems and encouraged us to defeat the American system-generated barriers. Al speaks the conscious of countless blacks. He is relentless in his efforts. Tough in his approach – more than likely not ‘bought’. Owned by an unseen force. He is criticized by many – but no one can take away from what he has done and doing. Unfortunately, both black men are now doing what The Powers can appreciate: Division Sadly, the beef is really over differences of opinion pertaining to President Barack Obam
Derrion Albert’s life was brutally taken by the brutality that lives in the depths of the black community – but ultimately he is the latest Sacrificial Lamb offered up for no reason at all. The Beating Open Letter from NAS The Black Rebel's Say I began to formulate my thoughts yesterday after seeing the disturbing video. Video images that honestly forced me to think: ‘What are these savages thinking/doing?’ I referred to the black boys featured in the video as what I think of when thinking about untrained, short-fused, uncontrollable mammals: SAVAGES . I later scrolled down the AOL web page to read the comments. Not surprisingly, I was able to determine which responses were poste

A Day of Protest: What Difference did it Make?

When I applied for the Peace Corps my uncle Jerry asked me, “What are you doing? Stay home and do some good. Do you really think you are going to make a difference?” At that very moment, I felt deflated. All the motivation to do something sacrificially worthwhile quickly left my body. I was somewhat in agreement with his skepticism because I knew what he was implying; and I also believed his blunt hint: ‘No change will come as a result of your two year sacrifice.’ I could have allowed Uncle Jerry to discourage me from facing the challenge and the disappointment – but nothing could penetrate my straight out of college idealism. Not even known defeat…or was it accurate pessimism? Either way, I was ready to conquer and change the world. Ready like I was this past Friday. Embolden to be one in solidarity with the Palestinians. But, filled with anxiety when and if I faced a critic and/or Israel sympathizer. While I did not sacrifice too much, I did have to endure the looks and the whispers