Monday, May 11, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

Below is a report I completed for work: Currently, I am a Program Manager with Goodwill of North Georgia. On May 9, 2009 I help facilitate a service activity. The details are listed below. Before you start reading I want you to know that I had an opportunity to go home for Mother’s Day 2009. I chose to stay for the event detailed in the summary below.

This month’s Rebellious Sacrifice installation is the decision I made to miss out on seeing my momma.


The Harvard Alumni Service Activity Day went extremely well! We had eight alums and twelve young adults to participate. The young adults displayed a 'tough' disposition in the beginning - but throughout the small group time that exterior began to fade. They opened up and the alumni were able to be productive with the personal time that was later presented. Several topics were addressed. Benin Dakar, AmeriCorps Member, talked about our program and what we do with AmeriCorps Members and Ralfiel Worthem, Career Center Facilitator, in his commanding and inspiring way, gave a brief orientation of the services offered by the career center. However, the main focus became resume writing and "what you want to do with your life" chatter. The program was closed with a tasty lunch (from Lattetude Coffee Lounge and Bistro and an extremely motivating speech that was delivered by one of the alumni.

Eye Openers

*The group from ChrisKids, ( was surprised by the diversity of the Harvard alumni. While I was sitting with them and as the alums returned from the store tour (lead by the Store Manager), I mentioned to the young people that the volunteers have arrived. James from ChrisKids (a participant) said/asked, "They are from Harvard? They don't look like they went to an Ivy League school." He was amazed by the diversity that was represented among the alums. That in itself was a 'break through'.

*One of the young men from the group shared his story with me:

Born in West Virginia. Was removed from his father's custody at the age of 3 because his father shot and killed the mother (on a Thanksgiving Day) in front of him. He was later adopted. Moved to Georgia with his new family. Was kicked out the new home at the age of 11. He was homeless for two weeks. Was later "found" by Social Services of Georgia. Now, he is a member of the ChrisKids program. He loves to work with his hands. Mentioned that those "who work behind desk are not tough". He wants a construction job. I encouraged him to seek our services. He promised he would come in next week. I plan to meet him.

Final Eye Opener

One customer who came in to use the computer services this morning overheard me indicate that lunch was ready. He asked, "May I have some." I told him if any was left I would come get him. Some food was remaining. I went out to get him. He joined the group and ate lunch. Afterwards, when everyone was gone, he told me: "I am a former employee of AIG. I lost my job. I am trying to find work. You offering me some pasta salad was nice... (he began to cry) I am sorry. I can't stop choking up. But, thank you for the lunch. I had not eaten in two days."

Well, those who now me, know that the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day 2009 was quite emotional. But, I am so thankful that I am in a position to have my Eyes Opened every day.

*The sacrificed made was well worth it, and I am sure momma would rather I do His work.

-The Black Rebel