Saturday, January 23, 2010

Searching for Sacrifice for African Americans

For the next few weeks I commit to searching for information e.g. articles, video, etc. that documents how African Americans are helping the people of Haiti.

I humbly encourage you to assist me in discovering what our brothers and sisters are doing – and then share it. If not, dynamic accounts may go unpublicized. Let’s be the Black I-Reporters!

It is obvious we cannot depend on NBC, ABC, CBS, and definitely not Fox to highlight the small or large contributions we are making. Yes, all the networks will show us entertaining to raise money - which is a wonderful gesture on the part of the musicians – but if we want to ‘push’ our efforts, and not be seen as the porch monkey during this time of Haiti's peril we have to be The Media.

If you did not notice be informed: the Fox News Network was the ONLY news outlet that did not air Hope for Haiti. Interesting – and BOLD. These good ole boys just don’t care what type of fallout they may create. Or, is it that they are fully confident that their viewers are ultra committed to their ultra conservative rhetoric? I kinda respect that confidence…

A few black contributions:

NBA players donating $1000 to Haiti for every point scored Friday ...

Daughter rushes to Haitian doctors' home to help victims -

Haiti earthquake: African-Americans rally to help -,0,2800646.story

Brian E. Payne sharing.