Monday, December 28, 2009

Unfulfilled Sacrifice

Last year on December 31 I made a promise to sacrifice more in 2009. I started the commitment by pledging to institute a monthly sacrifice. Whatever I decided to ‘go without or literally prevent myself from craving’ it had to be rebellious in nature. Meaning the sacrifice had to be boldly deviant.
January was my cautious initiation so I decided to stand in solidarity with a forgotten people. At the time the Israeli government was brutally strong-arming the Palestinians. Typical behavior from the brute of the Middle East and definitely quintessential for the United States government to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Israelis.

Here is a brief description of my February deviance:

I limited my food purchases to the grocery store. Vowing to spend only $120 for the entire month. By mid-month I had spent $118. Since I depleted my food funding prior to the 28th, I ate small compartmentalized suppers that were given to me from a friend whose mother received an influx of Meals on Wheels frozen dinners.

I must say that February was much more difficult for me than not talking for 12 hours.

March came and went. April flew by. May, June and July did not exist.

You have any idea where I am going with this? Well, my sacrifices became irrelevant/non-existent. Like many of us I eluded my commitment. But, in my limited defense I did spend 2009 trying my best to give more – and I did: monetary donations, volunteered, provided manual labor for free, and a few other ‘pay it forwards’. After my failure to be strictly bold in my sacrifices I decided to be unrelenting with my personal writing disclosures. So much so I unintentionally offended a life long friend with this effort. An effort I would passionately do again if I needed to…because at that literary moment I was representing truth – not malice. However, next time I will certainly use more discretion for the sake of those who did not ‘disown’ me!

Unmatched Sacrifice

There was nothing I did this year that compares to the man featured below. Not only was his sacrifice remarkable it displays selflessness and a courageous love. A love that humans rarely share with one another. A love that would surely change the landscape of the world.
I honor this man. I praise him. I hope one day I will be brave as him…before I terminate.
We are running out of time, People!

“Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far, the truest type of love.”

The Black Rebel sharing. Hoping you will read, reflect, and reveal.