Monday, September 10, 2012

My Truth about The A

When I was asked:

I would like to know a little something about the ATL. How is life in the ATL?

My response in commentary:

Atlanta Life for me has not been that pleasing since I have been here, 7 years. Living here is definitely a different look than visiting for a weekend, as I did for years. I have yet to fully assimilate and accept that life in The A is not progressive. The lack of internationalism forward-thinking e.g. an understanding that Atlanta is a speck on the world map and the inescapable intellectual shallowness exasperates me. But to be fair, the make-up of the Atlanta metro area resembles most urban black cities...plagued by transplant-ism and an overwhelming sense of apathy that exudes from the natives, Atlantans. I get the sense that people come here to say that they are living in Atlanta or have lived in the Atlanta City Limits...when in fact –in most cases- they reside or resided in a country ass city that's 25 minutes from Atlanta. Mecca of the bible belt…? May be it was years ago e.g. Auburn Avenue - but from my view of vision Atlanta is an accepting victim of black flashiness, senseless crime, white people discontent that's boiling over (e.g. home and vehicle break-ins and stick-ups in the neighborhoods that they have successfully revitalized), pathetically acquired reputation-glory from strip club prowess, horrible educational administration and non-professional amity e.g. not much hands of hands washing among the black elite. Again, there are several cities that are defined this way. Nonetheless, Atlanta’s prides itself on the opposite of my definition. Therefore, projecting a false image of a glorious black existence…

A honest assessment without unhappiness...happiness for me is in what I have accomplished while here: fatherhood, wrote a book that was published, completed a honorable stint with the Peace Corps, started the writing of another book, gained a good professional reputation, and have become MORE comfortable with my those of you wondering if I am happy...I AM with My Truth about The A...

The Black Rebel

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Lost Faith, Black Republicanism

Not too many Black Folk will admit it...but the Republican and Conservative agenda runs deep in their veins. Yeah...yeah...I know a huge segment of the black community were republicans back in the day. That is a fact! Research it. Hell, just talk to your grandparents!

It is so interesting to me that the black community characteristically identifies with republican beliefs and conservative conducts, but yet votes a STRAIGHT Democratic Ticket. It is not like the democrats have always favored the black cause. They have not! That is a fact. Research it! 

I, for one, do not believe that the Civil Rights Bill would NOT have passed if the administration at the time was Republican. Some African Americans actually believe that. And, you cannot prove to me that the masses of the Jews, gay community, tree-huggers, and Woodstockers were registered democrats. 

The appeal for the non-black Civil Rights Movement participants was nestled in human compassion, not black or white. It was an opportunity to be a part of a cause that was reflective of Human Kindness. 

So, if you are a black republican so be it! I don't have an issue with a platform that states man/woman should do for self. I really do not get that from the Democrat Dais. I just don’t…

Yeah...yeah some need assistance, I recognize that. The black ancestors NEVER looked for governmental contributions. They knew that the governmental structure back then was NOT going to comfort them with handouts. They worked hard...prayed hard...and focused on what was/is obviously RIGHT. 

Anything outside of Personal Responsibility is NOT right. From my conservatively groomed disposition, the democrats and liberals have an excuse or illegitimate justification for all ‘problematic developments’. Why can’t it be that countless people are screw-ups, and fail to be responsible for their mistakes? Why can’t it be that numerous people prefer behavior that does not ‘jive’ with traditional values? The government should not be the Bail Bondsman for Stupidity, and the government should not serve as the Magistrate of Unfortunate Consequence. 

I am not a Republican or Democrat. I don't subscribe to political theatrics. I stand for what has gotten lost: Hard Work…Irrefutable Non-Religious Faith.  

Nobody owes me shit! All of my success is seated on the backs of black men and women who would kick the average black person's ass for embarrassing them and disrespecting their societal contribution. By the way, the ass kicking would be for being, AVERAGE – and not exceptional. 

If African Americans get rid of and ignore party titles they would easily be on the side of what defines Republican/Conservative...I just know it. 

How do I know? Go to a black church...

The Black Rebel