Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Refusing so that Others May Have

You may have read the story or someone may have told you about a generous man who randomly gave several janitors $100.

When I overheard this story in the background while cooking some Spam and eggs I smiled. I could believe it because their are still people out there who care about their fellow man/woman and who are serious about honoring those we may fail to acknowledge during our busy days of working for someone else.

They (The Compssioniate Givers) may be limited in number according to news reports/bloggers - but we are aware people can be moved to do good/sacrifice. And, bad...of course. Nonetheless, I have a question for you this week.

Would you take a pay cut or refuse a promotion to save fellow employees' jobs? (What would be your sincere motivation?)

Are you willing?

-The Black Rebel