Monday, January 10, 2011

Sacrificial Commonality, Judas and Jared

Tradegy in Tucson

Judas Iscariot served his purpose. A damn good one! Without the backstabbing The Believers' in Jesus would have had to wait a little longer for Him to be killed; better known as His crucifixion. Therefore, prolonging the INEVITABLE. Jesus was going to be killed anyway! He broke the law. The law of those days – much like the law within the Hebrew Bible - was unlike the law of today: Released from prison after 2 years of committing a murder. Well, if you are black and you kill a white person you staying in that jailhouse efficiency for longer...I'm just saying.

So, Judas - in the unedited picture of totality - was a Good traitor and backstabber. And in my hermeneutic means of transfer, you and I are just like Judas Iscariot: we betray each other daily. We do it at work. At home. Ultimately and sadly, we BETRAY ourselves. Jacking ourselves keeps the world 'saga exciting'. Like a Friday episode of a soap opera. And, don't tell me that you have never been on/in a Guiding Light, General Hospital, or an As the World Turns! Stop lying!

Commonality that Did Not Lie

The Judas is created. Fashioned and molded each and every day in The Great United States of America. Americans, a huge majority, are born into privilege. How can we not be privileged when our mothers are given an epidural to ease the pain of birthing us into that privilege, America? Come into this world in a comfortably staged and pain-free environment, then die most likely in self-induced pain. SMH. Then as we carelessly-cautiously bounce around in this world we go and fully become that Judas. We betray humanity by taking lives senselessly – including our own…most times without pulling a trigger.
This is that Judas Iscariot of January 2011. Like Judas of ancient history, Jared Loughner, was a deranged - but celebrated by many - lunatic! Smiling Jared for whatever sick reason decided to offer up himself to prove a point. What was it?

Perhaps, it is pay back for his deep-seated pain (used as an excuse, an American excuse) that he will soon indicate stemmed from American government oppression and/or his belief that the broken and divided government of the USA has abandoned its core principles. Those principles that are in stark contradiction with the direction of this country. Principles that are harbored by terror-minded white men in the north, south, east, and west of North America.
Remember when the demented minds that we thought were white turn out to be black?
Direction was redirected in Tucson. It took a necessary, for the assassin, course change that will definitely leave all of us questioning: Why? So similar to the dumbfounded expressions on the faces of those standing around Jesus when Judas gave the Kiss of Death. So not similar to the men who forcefully ushered Jared to the ground after he temporarily silenced the voice of Gabby Giffords.
Remember, the disciples and the Jews did nothing as Judas condemned Jesus. They stood there…

This time that death kiss was laced with a bullet from a gun that Jared ‘The Judas’ Loughner JUST purchased a month ago.
Mercy, Mercy Me

The Black Rebel