Thursday, October 1, 2009

Derrion Albert’s life was brutally taken by the brutality that lives in the depths of the black community – but ultimately he is the latest Sacrificial Lamb offered up for no reason at all.

The Beating

Open Letter from NAS

The Black Rebel's Say

I began to formulate my thoughts yesterday after seeing the disturbing video. Video images that honestly forced me to think:

‘What are these savages thinking/doing?’

I referred to the black boys featured in the video as what I think of when thinking about untrained, short-fused, uncontrollable mammals: SAVAGES.

I later scrolled down the AOL web page to read the comments. Not surprisingly, I was able to determine which responses were posted from non-black folk and black folk.

Guess what?

I claim that I was able to distinguish – but the word ‘savage’ was used quite a bit in the countless comments. So perhaps, I was not able to make the determination as I thought?

In my BLACK mind the behavior was beast-like. It had a tone of savagery. Considering that my first thought inclination was SAVAGE, am I a hater of black people?

If there is a white person reading this or who read the comments I read repeatedly – and referred to those black boys as savages while viewing the video clip please do not ‘adjust’ your thinking or opinion.


You (white person) are right (with me, a BLACK man) the behavior was brutally animalistic. You are not racist for thinking this. I, myself, was wrong in my assumptions of labeling: “A white man left that comment.”

I should have concluded:

A logically person made that comment. He/she just decided to use terminology that describes behavior that has been connected (well deserved in many cases) to black people for centuries.

We hate ourselves. Fail to do anything about it. Watch our children kill themselves. But, then we have the audacity to yell/riot/protest when a white man slaps a black woman.

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