Wednesday, December 14, 2011

60 Minutes with President Obama, Positioning

When I was academically and emotionally dredging my way through undergrad I knew that college was an opportunity for me to put myself in a position to make more money. That was drilled into my head by high school teachers and guidance counselors. Thanks, Mr. Watson and Mrs. Berrier! Not one time did I question their advice. I believed and believed in them. To this day, I must state that I am still of the belief that going to college and finishing with a degree is a potential opportunity to put yourself in a position to make more money. Not that it is a guarantee. My life has proven that a bachelor’s degree and a higher degree do not permanently secure a comfortable middle class salary. Nevertheless, I by no means believe that my present seeking employment predicament is indicative of an ‘inequality’ within the American system. I decided to major in Health & Physical Education. I decided to spend the majority of my professional life trying to change a world that is by divine fate is destined to implode. I decided to massage souls. Those are the decisions that I MADE that have placed me in a lower but significantly higher than average salary range. A range that’s somewhat lower than someone who decided to be a chemical engineering major. This person positioned herself to make more money. She MADE a decision to follow her dream of becoming a Chemical Engineer. At the end of the day it is about Personal Positioning. If you want to put yourself in a position to make more money don’t become a police officer. Don’t waste your time with savior idealism. Step into the arena that capitalism encourages: Go after the money. And, if you decide to do something different that embraces humanitarian employment don’t blame the government particularly the conservative right for the outcome. This is America, definitely an unequal economic structure, but it is all about Positioning. President Obama, in this entire uproar over classism…wealth disparity, has not highlighted Positioning. He has -since he took up residence at the White House - done nothing but put a spotlight on how much the wealthy make. This is appreciated to a certain extent – it is also an irrelevant consequence within a Capitalist society! How about questioning what the non-wealthy are not doing? How about asking, ‘what are you doing to POSITION yourself to acquire what MOST Americans want: Financial Prosperity? We have to stop promoting a culture of expectation. We have to promote a culture that dictates understanding and recognition for where you are in life, and if you are not pleased do everything possible to get what you want. If that desire is wealth…POSITION! 

The Black Rebel