Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Face of Insult from a White Reject

“Don’t feel sorry for poor white Americans. They had/have every opportunity to be out of poverty. Their skin, their family heritage, their ancestors investment in slavery, their superiority that’s attached to Christian domination all over the world, their ability to institute institutional racism without it being detected, their ability to hoodwink the world with a white Jesus and Santa Claus, their denial of wanting to be of dark skin, their women’s concealed desire to want a black man to sexually devour them…their entire life is one of privilege - and if a white person is down and out, homeless, and/addicted to a substance there is only one explanation: They are shiftless and/or they have been disowned by momma and daddy because they (white women) were caught sexing a brother while off to college or they (white men) brought home a black woman home for the celebrated Indian Massacre. -Grandma Frankie

I was standing in line at the Starbucks in Kroger waiting on my rejuvenation: some H20. I had my caffeine before my six mile walk. I noticed that he was in line too, waiting. He…is the homeless urine contaminated white man who I lament. Not because he is white…I don’t like him because he is rude to not only the Starbucks and Kroger staff, I have major beef with him because he in all his bad aroma and filthy clothing…and matted beard is STILL arrogant. No sense of humility in his miserable state! He comes in as if he owns the place every morning after waking up from under a tree. Moving the half and half and the sugar like he paid for both for everyone’s use…He NEVER returns the items. He stares at me like I am a crook or as if I am evil spook. As if I am going to make him smell any worse than he already does. Again, me nah like dis man!

Okay…while waiting he asks a handsome, well groomed, clean, pearly-white teeth young black man, “Do you think you will ever make something of yourself? Amount to be something? Anything?”

The black twenty-something brotha works as a Barista at my Starbucks. He was behind the counter working!! Earning a living. Being productive. Earlier he told me that he has been a source of income for his family since he started working. He talked about how his minimum wage has supported various family members. He by all accounts is a WONDERFUL fella! By the way, Starbucks is one of two jobs for him!

When I heard that debasing remark from a man who lives behind Kroger in a mini homeless camp, I wanted to take his lice diseased head and ram it into the sushi chef’s display case. Thank God for 100mg of Lexapro, emotional growth, and a fear of getting raped while in prison. The anger was flaming…the disappointment from what was said to the Barista was enough for me to drop a tear.

In all our (black people) success, we are still beneath a white piss-smelling life reject? How in the hell does a white man end up like that, anyway? He has EVERYTHING at his disposal to MAKE IT! Here he is a two-bit NOTHING, and he insults a working black man…there is no way to spin his statement…SO shut-up, you White Defenders - it was this:

‘Ni**er, you are nothing. You serve me coffee. Your people are apes – and you are just a ni**er with a job. I own you and this world.”

That was this pathetic piece of  mierda sentiment. When ya black ya know when ya receiving an insult from a white person.

President black – but he still a monkey to the best and worst of some white people. Black folk will always be what they despise. And, get this – the white trash I wanted to smack really believes he is better than not only the Barista Brotha…but better than ALL blacks. I can see it (his superiority complex) in his eyes. He just like all these struggling white people who vote a straight Republican ticket while that ticket is making it TOUGH for them…too!

Poor White Republicans living in West Virginia

The Black Rebel

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Help...Integrity, Pride, Sacrifice

I read the blog written by Dr. Boyce Watkins (link above) and I have read several of the responses. Once again, black-hyper sensitivity at it is best. Instead of whining about a stereotype we should think about what African American ancestors who were maids would more than likely prefer us to embrace.

They played an integral part in the formation of Black America History. A history that’s honorable – and not embarrassing. Not of shame – but of pride and integrity. The job of a maid back before the civil rights act and immediately afterwards was ‘a job’.

One of America’s greatest icons, MLK, said this: “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

The countless black women who RAISED white children, served as a therapist for the white slave master’s wife, cooked meal after meal for nourishment, stole-with good purpose-items e.g. meds from the Big House for sickly slaves, and then came home to the reality of inequality while raising some of us New Blacks that may be complaining about The Truth.

Women were maids back in the day...and there was NOTHING wrong with their SACRIFICE. So, go see the movie with ya head held high and ya eyes on the prize.
The Black Rebel