Monday, March 11, 2013

The Black Family is Worse off Today Than in the 1960’s, Report Shows

I was reading this article and I began to wonder, why...why is the Black Family worse off now? Why?! 

Then I continued to read the article which I knew would ultimately list a host of issues that provide some form of 'linkage' to racism/discrimination. Definitely excuses! But, this shameful modus operandi is characteristic (the listing of excuses) of the website, - Your Black World.

Then after collecting myself…intently focusing absent of emotion, which is another typical direction black people do not implore when faced with The Truth, I did a little research to support my pending Rant.
Research Discovery

According to the Buying Power Report, in 2008 African Americans spent $4.4 billion in a category listed as Miscellaneous – and only $289 million on books. Poor example of poor decision making considering a large number of books contain knowledge and are gateways to learning. 

Representative of African American shallow judgment, I am certain without a doubt that one of the few books that are in black households is a bible. Another form of wasteful spending from black people considering the bible has not empowered African Americans to a status of Progression like most racial groups have used religion and the religious resources to advance their culture's status. 

The report continues to support my belief that African Americans are in this awful state because of an extreme lack of Responsible Restraint. For example, African Americans in 2008 spent $6.6 billion in personal care products and services e.g. haircuts, blonde blond hair-do’s, weave, hair and beard dye, relaxers/perms, and other crudeness that smothers true Black Identity. And, of course personal care services include superfluous manicures and ridiculous ersatz finger nail graphics, not art! 

In comparison to the vanity $6.6 billion thrown away, African Americans dished-out ONLY $3.5 billion for computers. This statistic fractional supports the Digital Divide uproar – but it does not prove that African Americans are being left behind because of a governmental conspiracy to systematically hide PC’s from black men, women and children. Conversely, it supports my and others opinion that African Americans have not embraced computer technology…but have fully embraced expensive Smartphones that do not assist in information technology savvy. 

Then there is the strange line item within the report listed as “Contributions”. Strange because African Americans by far do not donate money like they should to charities. That’s a fact! So, I am willing to guess that the $11 billion in Contributions is linked to church tithing. This is not an farfetched “guess”…African Americans invest not only their feeble faith in religion, they also financial tithe instead of paying a bill faithfully believing that some elusive God is going to give the money back to them…Someday. Someday has become Decades…the Big Wait continues. 

African Americans have been known to give and give to a church’s building fund and the Pastor’s Anniversary fund instead of giving any surplus cash flow to organizations that help in the eradication of diseases that primarily plague the African American community. No, we would rather blame the United States government and the White Man for our ailments e.g. astonishing HIV/AIDS infection diagnoses, alarming hypertension, a reprehensible lack of Sickle Cell Anemia research, socially accepted obesity, and a rising diabetes epidemic. 

How does my rambling relate to the article…? 

Well, the reason we are worse off as the article indicates is because of what I have humbly shared above. Without an acceptable book knowledge, with a never ending dependency on a Failed Jesus – and God’s more sadistic than loving Word, without a significant curb in our otiose Self-Importance, and with a non-existent focus on real charity giving and selfless volunteering we will REMAIN Worse off.

Here it is the 21st Century, a BLACK man housed in the most powerful house in the world, African Americans are still Worse off? 

It does not make sense –just like black folk’s foolish addiction to European Influenced Christianity does not make sense. “Who are these men and women who have embraced The White Man’s religion…?” –Chuck D

Information source

“The "Buying Power" report's 100-Plus Index section shows how black households continue to spend on average more than their white counterparts in categories such as food, apparel, appliances, personal care products and services and phone service.”  -Target Market News, The Black Consumer Market Authority 

Muata Nowe