Monday, August 31, 2009

Prepared to Quit on Black Folk

For me to quit on black people means that I have grown completely tired of our excuses and repulsed by our justifications for our condition. It also means that I am sacrificing my Fight the Power mentality. Removing it from my thought process completely so that I can have some Peace.

After all these years of standing in the Pro Blackness of American discourse I have decided to sacrifice what my soul pushes in the forefront of my ideology so that I can finally sleep.

I am here at this place. This moment. Like so many: Tired and Defeated. Taken down by my brothers and sisters; and not beat-up by the White Power Structure. It is us (the black man and woman) who has lost a fighter. A soldier.

If only we could have collectively moved in that direction of taking responsibility. As our ancestors did.

Warren Balentine, Radio Talk Show Host, said today:

"I will no long jump down the white man's neck when there is a so called injustice perpetrated on black people...I certainly understand that there are countless injustices that black men and women face. I am tired of us getting all excited when a white person does something to us - but yet we do nothing when we continue with the injustices we inflict on each other...Where are the marches when we kill each other?

So many have taken this stance before. And, the subject matter is a continuous pathetic conversation. Actually, I am tired of writing and talking about it because no matter what is said we do not do anything to better our situations...collectively.

Warren also continued with this:

"In one zip code area in Chicago that has nothing but black people as residents the lottery totals (ticket purchases) for a year was 24 million dollars!" This is the same area that has record foreclosure rates and high unemployment. With the money spent on tickets countless homes could have been saved and there could have been job training programs implemented."

Winning the lottery is our means of escape...?

What say you?

The Black Rebel is putting on his black face. Ready and willing to be what I am not.

-The Black Rebel