Friday, July 13, 2012

The Way of the World is not The Way it Is

When someone says, 'well, that's the way the world is....' -as if to emphatically imply 'get accustomed to it' - or this one: 'this is the way it is and will always be.' - I want to scream. I want to strangle the person on the other end of the email discussion/on the other end of the cell phone call. 

The statements unfortunately infer a Defeated if there is nothing that can be done to rectify The Ways of this Unfair World. Yes, some situations are beyond repair. However, think about this:

If a woman terminates all of her pregnancies because of the sad realities of This World, what will happen to This World? 

It will not continue. The World will cease to exist. There will be no new life to eradicate what we –irresponsible human beings- have created. We are the makers of This World...we are the Navigators...we dictate what will become! Unfortunately, what This World has become is a reflection of your city, your hometown. The World has not become a Sodom and Gomorrah. You, me, we have become men and women of Destruction. We kill ourselves everyday not knowing that our death is alive. 

The hope (yes there is hope) is in a positive thought, a courageous act, and finally in the non-religious faith (yes there is a right way to utilize faith) that we should have already (without it we are deaf, dumb, and blind). Without an Everyday Faith there is hopelessness and a constant despair.
In all my desires to quit from time to time I end my days with a Hope. A hope that will forbid me for forever saying again, 'that's the way it is.' 

Family and Friends, Please make sure you, me, we do not become what we should despise: 


Encouragement is redundant and a bit played...but you, me, we need the monotony of it to 


The Black Rebel