Friday, April 27, 2012

Star vs. Basketball Wives…the Winners are, Basketball Thugs with Vaginas

Why do so many –in this case- black people live...really live in the manure that television spews? Why do we support what has caused the demise of a once Great Culture, Blackness? 

What happen to women being women of respect and dignity?

Yes...there are numerous black women behaving in a way that support the Great Culture of the past. When I think of the expectations that I have for my yet to be born daughter, I feel an immediate overwhelming sense of fear. I am terrified that my Porter will haphazardly stumble across a television train wreck (TV show) that will partially influence her...slightly encourage her to behave like an untamed human...gently push her towards what a woman is not:
Basketball Wives like many reality shows are poor examples of the American culture. In my travels all around this world for work (Peace Corps) and pleasure (Hedonism is off the chain, by the way), I have been in the unwanted position of explaining to a villager or a resort wait staffer that all Americans are not uninhabited beast. Particularly, when I get, "Why do black people act like that?" "Like what, Ms.?" That's the question I come back with knowing full-well where the conversation is headed.

The most recent opportunity for me to respond to the Like What question was a few weeks ago while basking in the Jamaican:
 The Response to my Like What Question:

‘Why do black women from America behave like those women on the show Basketball Wives and Atlanta Housewives?’

Due to my extreme discontent with the way black Americans have represented themselves in the COLLECTIVE, I refuse to answer the sincere question now…these days.

Once upon a time I did respond. I would state all the usual excuses and conclude by prefacing examples of Black Elegance: 
Overtime, I discovered that my continued and long-winded explanations were/are not as powerful as the junk box...nothing can stop the media infiltration that was created by the Jewish/European forces in Hollywood.

Ultimately, the reason for bad behavior displayed by the former Africans residing in Babylon is the responsibility of the poor excuses for Africans who pathetically claim/recite their American citizenship by reciting the pledge of allegiance - and who sadly do not know the words to:

Black people have created the stereotypes, we reinforce them every single day, and in turn Caucasians correctly remind us that we are the stereotype that has taken residency in their minds.

Face it…there is no group effort to represent Harriet Tubman in the most positive way. There is no collective effort to be worthy of an entrance pass to the Black Ancestral Heavens. None! The days of honoring your slave name with fear of getting a whipping and with Elder Instilled Integrity are long gone.

Gone like all of these poor examples of black femininity.

I applaud Star Jones for her most recent efforts to bring additional attention to the way countless black females are ill-representing Black Woman Divinity. I also applauded Star when she refused to bring herself to the lows of NeNe Leakes while on The Apprentice.

Star Jones proved in that moment of contention with NeNe that she is better. Unfortunately, several black women that I interfaced with the Monday following that episode were cheering for NeNe. And, get this: these women were not hood chicks!

Apprentice Teachers are what our young black women and men need. They don't need reality shows featuring black women/men behaving badly. Especially, black women with husbands who work for the Nicca Basketball League...Exploitation extended to the basketball wife and family. Shameful!
A praying man who behaves with decency and who has contributed to the empowerment of black people worldwide prays for a debonair Queen...not an Evelyn Lozada or the likes of her!

I thank my God that I have always had/have Black Queens in my life – and my Porter (unborn daughter) will be among those ranks of Porter's mother:

The Black Rebel