Thursday, July 23, 2009


This commentary may not 'belong' on this site...but I thought it would be a good entry considering the last sentence 'fits' The Black Rebel.

Embrace life. What do you do that's fun? Time is running out. We are dying.

I am so sick and tired of human beings living without LIVING. Please live. If not, ya going to be buried without TRULY enjoying a life that is believed by many to be given to you by a Divine Creation. Don't disappoint this Creator.

Last evening, I came home to discover that my lights were shut off. I forgot to pay the bill. No shyt! (By the way, I ran out of gas earlier yesterday morning. Did not faze me at all. Was too lazy to stop by the 'filling station' the evening before.)
I was telling a friend about this occurrence, and she was in STRESS mode: What ya gonna do? Where ya gonna sleep? What ya gonna eat?

I responded with: "Chill, I am fine." Not for one minute did I get flustered. I was cool with it. H*ll, what could I do anyway at 7pm?

Then today I got from a friend: "Why aren't you bothered by this? Shouldn't you be?"

My response:"

I have went 8 weeks without electricity before. I have traveled to countries where the power is frequently turned off by the government. Many live without running water and electricity around the world. But, we need our 'lights on' so that we can watch DUMB AZZ reality television shows."

Guess what?

Bill was paid hours ago, and there is NO SIGN of Georgia Power as of yet. Am I concerned? H*ll, no! Don't care if they come tonight or next week. Can care less!

We need to get a da*m life. Let's try to live it in the DARK. We already are if we gotta have 'lights'.

I was not made for America!
The Black Rebel