Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Suspicious Black Life and International White Allegiance to Black Life

I have always wondered why so many white Americans willingly and freely come to the aid of the doomed black people of Africa, Central and South America, the Eastern Caribbean - and not to the assistance of challenged African Americans with identical veracity and zeal. 

Always wondered...

We see vanilla humanitarian generosity all the time. The media outlets make a point to remind the world that the citizens of Caucasian heritage are highlighted. In fact and in my embarrassment, black people from all walks of geography fail at serving humanity in the collective. 

We, black middle class Americans, don't travel to predominantly black countries for service purposes...that does not happen in...The Collective! 

From my jaded, but reality-driven disposition - and from my distinctive international service experience, white people from the USA feel a tad bit more compassion for black kids that roam the continent of Africa. The darkie women and children are on their minds more, presumably. Evidence is in the make-up of volunteer organizations. The statistical data leans heavily on the side of WHITE and white female.  

Check the racial statuses of males and females who spend significant time volunteering to save a child or a family in the villages of Burkina Faso and Haiti. Check the ethic backgrounds of the recent college graduates that express an interest in becoming a Peace Corps volunteer in the poorest of black nations, Sudan. Check the skin pigmentation of the actors and entertainers that donate tons of money to charitable organizations that fight illnesses in Vietnam. 

These people are white...mostly. 

SO, I ponder – and ask my white friends and colleagues: 

Why is the black life in the rural hills of Dominica more important than the black life in Stanford, Florida?
Interesting but not shocking - when a black American male teenager is gunned down in the streets by an overzealous white cop (or in the case of Trayvon Martin, a bloodthirsty white makeshift subdivision security guard) where are the bleeding heart whites? Where are Becky and Todd with their peace flags, money coffers, star power, and occupy mentalities? Their absence and neglect seems 'suspicious' to me...not Trayvon Martin. 

If a black life is "suspicious" it will always be frivolous. It will always be regulated to a throwaway. It will forever be a black life that has a lesser value. This is the reason Zimmerman and others like him consider a black life to be "suspicious". 

Black boys are suspiciously killed in America's streets while the Becky's and Todd's of this pathetic nation are in underdeveloped (not Third World) nations saving and having uninhabited intercourse with the Worthy Blacks

The Black Rebel