Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Week, Forgetting was not an Option

This week was definitely different from last week. The week before last week was also different. All of my weeks lately have been surprisingly memorable. There is always a new development. A new opportunity. Opportunity to do something challenging. Something not done before. Like a Bucket List item.

Consequently, this week lived up to my expectation. It generated contemplation – and thankfully I was reminded that forgetting is not an option any longer…especially if the forgetting moves you from your center. Your core. Or, distances you from your allegiance and respect for those who paved the way with Defiance. 
Forgetting the birthday of Muhammad Ali is a ‘no-no’. So, when someone asked me earlier this week, “Muata, did you forget Cassius Clay’s 70th birthday?” – I immediately –with emphatic emphasis- responded! 

“Heck no, I did not forget Ali’s birthday…I got up Tuesday morning with him on my mind. I do every morning with fear that a news report will announce that he has transcended. And, by the way, please do not refer to Muhammad as a slave.” 

Muhammad Ali, and not Cassius Clay (the slave name), is one of the most remarkable men on the face of this earth. He was not only a dynamic boxer; he is to this very day one of the most recognizable persons to ever live. 

I heard Brian Williams, the anchor of NBC Nightly News say, “Studies have proven that Muhammad Ali if standing next to Pope Benedict XVI would be identified/recognized first.” Not that I believe the Pope is of highly esteemed importance…others do…those dedicated Catholics. 

I share William’s comment to provide an example of Ali’s stature which in reality is not necessary. The Pope, those before him, and The Vatican pillars of White Supremacy are condoners of child molestation and sodomy rape. Muhammad Ali is a humanitarian icon that demanded respect - and got it without intimidation, brainwashing, and without implementing fear tactics…that are all too often supported within The Church. This alone makes him better…YES better than the Pope and the Pope’s gang of white men who have used religion to asphyxiate the intelligence of mass participants and church congregates. 

What is also unnecessary is a lengthy commentary detailing all of his accomplishments. My words cannot describe the magnitude of Ali’s impact on the psyche of men and women that value honesty, non-political correctness, and confident flamboyancy. 

Muhammad Ali made it okay for black people to be proud. He made it okay for us to brag about our dynamic culture. He made it okay for us Believe! 

Muhammad Ali stands above all the rest that many hold in extraordinary regard because he said,  
'Go to hell, America.’  Just like Fidel Castro has done for decades! And, at the same time Ali was/is more American than George Wallace, Bull Connor, George Washington, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, John McCain, Michelle Malkin, Herman Cain, and any man or woman that uses their platform to demonize Rebellion

He defied an oppressive government that enslaved Africans then shamefully expected the same Africans to fight in a war on behalf of the United States of America. He gallantly defied a system that bombed villages of innocent men, women, and children. 

*The girl in the middle of this photo survived the American-ordered napalm bombing. Here she is today, 

And, still to this day…in this century…the US Government continues to be an Israel-backing international brute that brutalizes to acquire and occupy God’s Land. 

Muhammad Ali stood-up, spoke-up, and did what so many refuse to do: STAND on Principle and 

Muhammad Ali is The Greatest. He knew that when others did not. Muhammad Ali is a God-send. A Messenger with a message that has not been fully embraced. He is among divine men like his dear friend, Malcolm X…another modern day Jesus that departed from us far too soon,

So, at the conclusion of another unforgettable week I say to Ali:

‘Allahu Akbar! I love you. You give me reason to live. It was you I thought of each and every time I wanted to quit. It has been you and your defiance that has shaped my defiant disposition. You are a true winner. A true role model. You are nothing like the athlete of the 21st century! You STAND for something. Respect is given. Honor is bestowed. I hold you up! 

The Black Rebel