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Separation, The Right and The Wrong

I allowed my emotions to get the best of me. Somewhat like how many of us allow untamed emotions to enter our spirit when we are at a southern Baptist or Pentecostal church. Emotionalism is real! We are human. If we do not experience moments filled with feelings that cause lengthy periods of uncontrollable crying, sudden but quick episodes of tearing-up, loud outburst of ‘Thank You, Lord’ - or reverence to whichever higher power that you acknowledge, verbal assaults or verbal sentimentals something is wrong. You are not in touch with your natural instinctive state of are a voided malfunctioning mammal. Your blood is not warm. It is cold.
I started to use the critical thinking power that I acquired at High Point University and Howard University Divinity School. While at HPU I began as a racist. Overtime I learned to utilize my God given gift, Love. While at HU I began as a Jesus fanatic. Eventually, I stripped away my zealous bible-thumping and sanctified hol…
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No​ ​One​ ​Came​ ​to​ ​Our​ ​Rescue

If you are African American getting your feelings hurt by the so-called Establishment...the United States par for the course. This is what happens on a daily basis. All it takes is for a new policy, initiative or law to be passed or enacted that does not consider the African American’s past while on the soils of North America. Such as the United States government all hands on deck Opioid Addiction Initiative.

African Americans have experienced so much - and yet we have accomplished more than those who mean us no good ever intended for us to accomplish. Some of them ravel in what we have been able to circumvent. Just think about what the once African now African American has been able to achieve! I don’t need to mention that a black man became the World’s Leader. That’s definitely a feat. There is so much more and just as many struggles.

Black History Milestones

Their -White America’s- amazement and fascination with us has always been obvious. We by many accounts have def…

The Mistake

The mistake I made in regards to African American culture was when I singled-out African American people to be conditionally untouchable within the consequence of brutal cultural annihilation. This action is similar to Jews declaring that they are in fact the Chosen People and do not deserve any criticism. African Americans and Jews are not unique..alone in the locale of suffering.
There was one time in my life when I aggressively defended African Americans. So much so, I severed relationships simply because he/she was not 'black' as I held myself to be. Consequently, I made myself and those close to me miserable in my effort to be a symbol of 'Blackness'. Of course, there was not anything wrong with me expressing my black heritage - but often times my sentiments expressed were not honorable.
The expressions -which years ago I admitted were excessive-  made everyone associated with me uncomfortable. And, the people who I made uncomfortable were not only white. Black peo…
Is there Honor in Quitting? Wanting SO badly to quit...pack up my life and move on. But, for some reason something will not allow me to quit. God knows that I want to...I have actually prayed for the motivation to quit. Sounds unusual? I admit it does. Especially, coming from a man who has focused on winning for so long. Remember, I just worked hard and success came. No plan initiated at all! However, when you believe that every door has been closed or opportunities were NOT meant to be you begin to question...contemplate...exam. Is it me? What must I do differently? What in the hell did I do wrong? Why did I go to college and graduate school? Or, the Why me..the Woe is Me syndrome settles in your mental and emotional disposition. You become what you think of yourself while in the Dumps of Life. I have been in this cycle of discontent! In this brutal unemployment and underemployment environment for quite some time. There have been times when I have prepared to drive away..…

Trayvon Martin…not the Choir Boy?

Courage...Jason Collins...Respected Courage...President Obama