Friday, June 30, 2017

The Mistake

The mistake I made in regards to African American culture was when I singled-out African American people to be conditionally untouchable within the consequence of brutal cultural annihilation. This action is similar to Jews declaring that they are in fact the Chosen People and do not deserve any criticism. African Americans and Jews are not unique..alone in the locale of suffering.

There was one time in my life when I aggressively defended African Americans. So much so, I severed relationships simply because he/she was not 'black' as I held myself to be. Consequently, I made myself and those close to me miserable in my effort to be a symbol of 'Blackness'. Of course, there was not anything wrong with me expressing my black heritage - but often times my sentiments expressed were not honorable.

The expressions -which years ago I admitted were excessive-  made everyone associated with me uncomfortable. And, the people who I made uncomfortable were not only white. Black people were negatively affected also.

During this period of ‘madness’ I became what many today would describe as “Woke”. I invested my time in isolationist reading. My literature interest included Soul on Ice because my soul was ‘iced’. Frozen in a state of being that had no idea How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. Frozen in an intellectual swamp that did not include why I was a Native Son, and didn’t know it. Frozen spiritually because I knew nothing about James Cone’s Liberation Theology. I was frozen without any semblance of becoming the Shabazz in the Autobiography of Malcolm X. The melting of ignorance was intensified by The Fire Next Time. As my research investment flamed, I wanted to know and be James Farmer, Steve Biko, Ella Baker, Bayard Rustin, Angela Davis, Patrice Lumumba, Assata Shakur, Inky Payne, Nelson Mandela, Claudette Colvin, Fred Shuttlesworth, Stokely Carmichael and Fred Hampton!

I was the blackest man within my college experience at High Point University. People actually shuttered when they entered my dormitory room. It was so POWERFUL. AND, so lonely! My attitude was dark. It was obvious that I did not appreciate the gift that was given to me: an athletic scholarship to what has become one of the best small private university in the Southeast. I almost did not discover the purpose of my enrollment and attendance at High Point University until it was too late. Sadly, I nearly destroyed myself because I zealously defended Black when Black was wrong.

For some time now, I have regretted that I barred myself from meeting knew people, from experiencing valuable opportunities - and I definitely regretted later while on this Journey of Rage that I did not allow my heart to love or to extend compassion because I was 'so black'.

Thankfully, those days have been removed from my life. I now -and for a long time- understand that being Black does not mean limiting myself and alienating others. It has been a conflicting odyssey of self discovery. I welcomed it after years of unhappiness. An unhappiness that has revealed that my happiness would have been in the forefront if I did not arrogantly believe that African Americans were beyond reproach as a result of our tragic history in the United States of America.

This belief is a belief that I cowardly coddled, used inaccurately to justify ills within the African American community - and it is this belief that’s reinforced daily by far too many African American people. This thinking and modus operandi is nothing more and nothing less than shallow and irresponsible. Shallow because suffering is akin to so many people. Irresponsible because Responsibility is the cousin of Truth and Irresponsibility is the weakness of people.

We, black Americans, have displayed a nauseating weakness for so long that now today the weakness falsely justifies,

Low voter registration and low voter turnout.
Education disenchantment that encourages excuse after excuse for our low educational standards.
Violent crime rates in our neighborhoods.
The degradation of the Black female in rap and song.
A pants saggin fad that reduces the decency of man.
Increased incarceration rates of black men.  
An unhealthy mentality that shuns wellness - but embraces degrading reality television.
The acceptance of an euro-Christianity which has made many of us intellectually and spiritually impotent.

We have moved away from being what our ancestors wanted and expected - and it is high time that we stop validating behavior that’s outside the context of what is Right. It is high time that we stop countering our realities with the convenient preface of ‘white people too and if it were not for slavery’. As if African Americans are in a position to disregard our self-induced problems just because a small portion of white people ‘do that too’ and because slavery literally handicapped many of us’. So, these ridiculous justifications make everything alright - and acceptable? if we are ‘ahead’. We are not! What we must do is face our realities with the understanding that we are not ‘special’. Special in the sense that we are victims who deserve a pass. We are not and we do not!

The truth is we are a people who have lost their way in Babylon while attempting to erase our Failure with Blame.

Why have we chosen Failure over Truth? Why have we embraced Blame as if it is Comfort?

Because we are comfortable.

-Muata Nowe

Friday, March 28, 2014

 Is there Honor in Quitting?
Wanting SO badly to quit...pack up my life and move on. But, for some reason something will not allow me to quit. God knows that I want to...I have actually prayed for the motivation to quit. Sounds unusual? I admit it does. Especially, coming from a man who has focused on winning for so long. Remember, I just worked hard and success came. No plan initiated at all! However, when you believe that every door has been closed or opportunities were NOT meant to be you begin to question...contemplate...exam. Is it me? What must I do differently? What in the hell did I do wrong? Why did I go to college and graduate school? Or, the Why me..the Woe is Me syndrome settles in your mental and emotional disposition. You become what you think of yourself while in the Dumps of Life. I have been in this cycle of discontent! In this brutal unemployment and underemployment environment for quite some time. There have been times when I have prepared to drive turn my back on everything and everyone in my circle (including my children). Yes...I have been in that place. When a father...a decent father actually thinks seriously about leaving his children he is severely Conflicted. He is in a damaged locale that conjures Quitting...he is finally at a breaking point! But, I cannot quit - and it is not solely because of fatherhood. Nope! Interestingly, my DNA is wired to win. So, I have decided to respect and honor where I am today mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I HONOR my WANTING to quit. I uphold it...I embrace it. I do however believe that this present positioning of my life will eventually force me to QUIT - and when I do I may just have what you don't: FREEDOM.

The Black Rebel

Monday, June 10, 2013

Trayvon Martin…not the Choir Boy?

A large number of people shouted me down when I asked a single question that was intended to encourage a critical analysis of the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin. Unfortunately, what I had to stomach was an emotionally laced confab which is a typical response from African Americans and other black people from around the globe.  

Blacks were not prepared for the following

“Have we considered that Trayvon was the aggressor, and not George Zimmerman?” 

I went on to cautiously state after I was verbally abused, 

“If Trayvon was the brutally pugnacious antagonist, George Zimmerman was on the right side of a law that essentially means that if you feel…just feel…threaten you have a right to Stand Your Ground, and shoot someone…defend yourself with any means available. And, perhaps there should be some citizenry pressure put on the state lawmakers to examine and possibly change Stand Your Ground to an adapted and provable self-defense diktat. ” 

I did not gain any traction with that statement either

Eventually, I surrendered. I did not pursue a battle that already had my usual debate sparring partners fervently spent…drained – and at times ferocious. 

It appears the objectors of my inquisitive concern have settled down a bit. Actually, they have basically withdrawn from the Trayvon Martin hoopla while Trayvon’s parents appear to be working the media circuit in an expectation of a payday. I –with apprehension- contend the talk show spots are similar to movie premieres…an opportunity for the ‘stars’ to promote their pending motion picture blockbusters.  

Inconsequently, a news story with blockbuster capability was ignored by the remaining Hoodie Committee a couple of weeks ago. Ignored…shunned probably because the report was not favorable for Trayvon’s once maturing character. 

Who would have ever thought after the saintly and childlike depiction of the Skittle eater that he was a teenager that interfaced with not so pleasant events and vices?

In an evidence submission attempt that was unusually denied by a judge, Trayvon Martin was involved in the videotaping of a fight between two homeless men…cell phone photographs of a gun and the handling of a gun, various marijuana plant pictures were discovered in his saved images; and a photo of Trayvon debonairly exhaling smoke became public information. By the way, I am not sure if the respired smoke was from a cigar, Newport, Black and Mild, a joint or some other urban smoke producing substance…well, a blunt undoubtedly…today’s teenager doesn’t smoke joints. 
George Zimmerman’s legal team is doing everything possible to keep George out of the Joint. That’s what a law firm worth their salt should do. Attacking the character of the victim is the common place to start when there is a pending jury selection– and they have done that…they have placed Trayvon’s character into the predictable conclusion:

He was nothing but another Nigger with a violent streak

That’s enough to get any black man killed…just say he was acting like he was leaning toward a violent response…Again, this is sufficient for Stand Your Ground…

But, there was not any judicial success in the character assassination endeavor which leaves me wondering:

Why can’t the prosecution in this race-charged case request that the jury thoroughly examine the character of a black boy who may have not been the Choir Boy? 

Sorry, but Trayvon Martin’s character is of importance if Zimmerman’s character has been placed into question…

The Black Rebel

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Courage...Jason Collins...Respected Courage...President Obama 

I am never amazed by President Obama's compassion - and continued effort to honor what has been removed from the day-to-day activity of humanity. Having courage and expressing that courage takes a significant amount of fortitude. Jason Collins is not only another hero to the LBGT, he has entered an arena that appears to be losing ground...Courage and Risk Taking. Sadly, the professional sports community has not fully embraced those who are not of the 'acceptable' norm. A insensitive norm that in most cases has been forged and massaged by discrimination, profiling, unacceptability and the inability to be compassionate! While Jason Collins is the man who has 'Come Out', President Obama has added to the significance of this development! There will be some to find a way to tear down...devalue this story with accusations and facts of what President Obama has not done or refuses to do. There will be a few bible trumpeters (yeah, bible ignorant trumpeters) who will condemn homosexuality as sinful behavior - BUT one thing is for sure, and I confidently believe that I am on FACTUAL grounds with this,

President Obama has displayed in/with action that he Cares...caring is not popular in Washington, DC. Imagine the Toughness it takes to be Black, Courageous and a Supporter of Coming Out in the Cesspool of Politics...

The Black Rebel 

Friday, April 12, 2013

I am sitting here watching a homeless man plan a shoplifting 'activity'. He is riding around in one of those motorized carts that non-handicap men/women ride in because they are too damn fat to walk...waiting on the ideal opportunity to steal some food. Ironically, what he is attempting to steal is in a grocery basket that's destined for the food dumpster/compactor. Consequently, if he gets caught placing the day old fried chicken in his coat he will be arrested for shoplifting...a criminal charge that carries anywhere from 6 months to a 1 year in Dekalb County lock-up.

As I entered the store today to begin my day with a cup of iced-coffee, I walked up on a homeless man. He was soak and wet. Guess praying for the elimination of all this damn pollen worked for you Praying People. It rained! He has an open and bleeding wound and in the top of his head. And, he appears to be mentally ill. I initially walked past him thinking it has to be cold in those that sweatshirt and jeans! Then I returned remembering that I have a 2001 velour sweatsuit in the trunk of the vehicle that I am driving. I told him that I was going to give him some dry clothes. I returned and gave the warm Adidas sweatsuit to him which was purchased for me...gotta love those former girlfriends with money who are willing to spend 200 bucks on a damn sweatsuit for their man! He was appreciative. Then I decided to escort him in the store because if he was seen by the Store Management Team he would have gotten kicked out. My escort was to the restroom so that he can change into the dry clothing without incident.

Yesterday I asked a security guard why was there a need for her to rudely demand a homeless man to remove himself from a bench that's located in the front of a building. She responded with a non-caring demeanor. I could not understand why she could care less about a homeless man sitting on a bench...who was not panhandling. He just wanted to sit down for a moment.

All three episodes in my 'privileged life' has left me with a deep-seated nagging emotion that I cannot shake this morning. I am literally walking around on the verge of exploding with tears. You know one of those moments that if someone says the wrong thing you will cry uncontrollably.

All this 'credit' church folk give God for this and that...for providing for them...for helping them acquire the most meaningless shit - and three homeless men are candidates for ANOTHER Life altering Event.

All that for this question:

Who the Hell is God helping and WHY?

The Black Rebel

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Black Family is Worse off Today Than in the 1960’s, Report Shows

I was reading this article and I began to wonder, why...why is the Black Family worse off now? Why?! 

Then I continued to read the article which I knew would ultimately list a host of issues that provide some form of 'linkage' to racism/discrimination. Definitely excuses! But, this shameful modus operandi is characteristic (the listing of excuses) of the website, - Your Black World.

Then after collecting myself…intently focusing absent of emotion, which is another typical direction black people do not implore when faced with The Truth, I did a little research to support my pending Rant.
Research Discovery

According to the Buying Power Report, in 2008 African Americans spent $4.4 billion in a category listed as Miscellaneous – and only $289 million on books. Poor example of poor decision making considering a large number of books contain knowledge and are gateways to learning. 

Representative of African American shallow judgment, I am certain without a doubt that one of the few books that are in black households is a bible. Another form of wasteful spending from black people considering the bible has not empowered African Americans to a status of Progression like most racial groups have used religion and the religious resources to advance their culture's status. 

The report continues to support my belief that African Americans are in this awful state because of an extreme lack of Responsible Restraint. For example, African Americans in 2008 spent $6.6 billion in personal care products and services e.g. haircuts, blonde blond hair-do’s, weave, hair and beard dye, relaxers/perms, and other crudeness that smothers true Black Identity. And, of course personal care services include superfluous manicures and ridiculous ersatz finger nail graphics, not art! 

In comparison to the vanity $6.6 billion thrown away, African Americans dished-out ONLY $3.5 billion for computers. This statistic fractional supports the Digital Divide uproar – but it does not prove that African Americans are being left behind because of a governmental conspiracy to systematically hide PC’s from black men, women and children. Conversely, it supports my and others opinion that African Americans have not embraced computer technology…but have fully embraced expensive Smartphones that do not assist in information technology savvy. 

Then there is the strange line item within the report listed as “Contributions”. Strange because African Americans by far do not donate money like they should to charities. That’s a fact! So, I am willing to guess that the $11 billion in Contributions is linked to church tithing. This is not an farfetched “guess”…African Americans invest not only their feeble faith in religion, they also financial tithe instead of paying a bill faithfully believing that some elusive God is going to give the money back to them…Someday. Someday has become Decades…the Big Wait continues. 

African Americans have been known to give and give to a church’s building fund and the Pastor’s Anniversary fund instead of giving any surplus cash flow to organizations that help in the eradication of diseases that primarily plague the African American community. No, we would rather blame the United States government and the White Man for our ailments e.g. astonishing HIV/AIDS infection diagnoses, alarming hypertension, a reprehensible lack of Sickle Cell Anemia research, socially accepted obesity, and a rising diabetes epidemic. 

How does my rambling relate to the article…? 

Well, the reason we are worse off as the article indicates is because of what I have humbly shared above. Without an acceptable book knowledge, with a never ending dependency on a Failed Jesus – and God’s more sadistic than loving Word, without a significant curb in our otiose Self-Importance, and with a non-existent focus on real charity giving and selfless volunteering we will REMAIN Worse off.

Here it is the 21st Century, a BLACK man housed in the most powerful house in the world, African Americans are still Worse off? 

It does not make sense –just like black folk’s foolish addiction to European Influenced Christianity does not make sense. “Who are these men and women who have embraced The White Man’s religion…?” –Chuck D

Information source

“The "Buying Power" report's 100-Plus Index section shows how black households continue to spend on average more than their white counterparts in categories such as food, apparel, appliances, personal care products and services and phone service.”  -Target Market News, The Black Consumer Market Authority 

Muata Nowe