Thursday, October 13, 2011


"Don't blame Wall Street…Don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself."

Herman Cain’s most recent statement regarding the protesters of the Occupation Movement did not ruffle my feathers. It did not offend me. It was certainly not 


It was a candid statement that has been Liberally used to taint his reputation - and further divide the classes of America which is something that’s necessary since the election of a black/white man there is a belief that the races are on an equal playing field. A field that’s littered with opportunity but purposely disenfranchised by Dixie, mid-Western, Northern, and Western xenophobes! 
While insensitive but truthful, Herman Cain could have tamed or reserved his opinion considering there is significant financial trouble lurking around and plaguing families from all walks of life, there are recent college graduates that are jobless, more men/women are now below the lower socio-economic level, and a plethora of Americans have been strategically prevented from acquiring Rich status because of

…Blatant and Institutionalized Racism

Two weeks ago I was thinking about my successes and failures. With pride, I do consider myself to be a beneficiary of African American 1940’ 50’s, and 60’s success which is the reason I can also humbly declare that I have been somewhat successful even though I have never put forth a plan to be 

However, failure is always in the mix…it is a persistent factor within the dynamic we refer to as Life. It is the other half of Taoism’s pictogram:

“One cannot attain success without embracing failure. -The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness

In the duality of my earthly existence…this time around in my reincarnation I failed myself and my mother when I knowingly did not accomplish one of my goals:

Obtain/Secure financial wealth so that I can take care of my mother by the time she reaches 50 years old. -1990

Momma Mary recently changed job locations and shifts. The shift change was my most pressing concern. She began to work third shift. While she was okay with it, I was not; and I was sadly reminded that I failed. *After consultation, she no longer works that shift.

Looking back over my life, I have to admit that I was provided with two easy opportunities to become RICH. Both, are connected to my once –now aged- awesome athletic aptitude. I was a hell of a hurdler. So much talent! The accolades are abundant! And, my idol…role model was definitely better:

Unlike me, Edwin Moses was not misguided and was not full of sightless idealism. Unlike Moses, I decided to waste that particular talent after graduating from High Point University. I made –what has become an unfortunate decision- to help people…to save the world…to adhere to my bleeding heart.

That decision did take me to several countries…it did open many doors to other cultures…it did place interesting people in my life…it did broaden my intellect…it did increase my awareness of religion’s faultiness - and made me a 

Citizen of the World

I appreciate all of the above. I do. And, I am thankful…

Regretfully, I am not rolling in the loot. I am not making it rain! So, Herman Cain is RIGHT…I am not rich and I have no one to BLAME but myself! 

If you are truly honest with yourself, you know that Mr. Cain is dead-on! 

The Black Rebel