Friday, June 26, 2009

Iran, Iran, Iran...

I have been thinking about what I can do to display my support for the brave rebellion that’s playing out in Iran. Should I go on a hunger strike? Shall I join the protesting Iranian Americans here in Atlanta as they march up and down Marietta Street? Should I tape to my Jeep a sign that reads:

Then I began to think about what I could title this commentary. By now, you are aware what I have come up with. Depending on the way one pronounces Iran, it can actually leave your lips like this: I ran. Think about that. Now, say, ‘I ran.’ Yes, you (the American) and I have ran. We have ran/run away from what is important.

JUSTICE is the vehicle many of our ancestors have taken in spite of their social economic status. Both, the well-to-do and poor marched with each other in protest way back when… They fought for what was/is right. They stood for something. So unlike the Michael Jordon’s of the United States. These men and women were/are the Muhammad Ali’s of the WORLD. Ali with all his glory is quoted as saying, “In my successes nothing was more pleasing and rewarding than getting stripped of the World Boxing Championship Title.” When I read this in one of the countless books I have about this Humanitarian Icon I stopped, and said to myself, “Muhammad Ali is a man many can and will NEVER be.”

I began to timidly reevaluate that declaration over the past two weeks. Seeing the video footage of courageous men and women taking to the streets with no fear of dreadful retaliation has me questioning:

Are these Iranians the Muhammad Ali’s of Iran?

Or, is this an exaggeration?

A comparison of this caliber definitely means that I believe a Rebellious Sacrifice was made by the suspected twenty men/women killed by the Iranian Police Force.

They paid the price for freedom: Death.

Ali was not killed. Nothing of substance, according to him, was even taken away from him. But, life has been surrendered 20 times over in Iran. Thousands of people have been beaten and jailed for wanting something that should be a human right.


Something many are dying to attain while others (Americans) eat sushi, practice Kathak, drink sake, and smoke flavored tobacco with a hookah. Isn’t it ironic that we (America’s Americans) imperialistically sample from other cultures – but NEVER reestablish what we claim we stand for: Justice? No, we would rather say: I RAN and do this: RUN. Run away from what is important.

ALLAH AKBAR (God is Great)

-The Black Rebel