Monday, June 10, 2013

Trayvon Martin…not the Choir Boy?

A large number of people shouted me down when I asked a single question that was intended to encourage a critical analysis of the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin. Unfortunately, what I had to stomach was an emotionally laced confab which is a typical response from African Americans and other black people from around the globe.  

Blacks were not prepared for the following

“Have we considered that Trayvon was the aggressor, and not George Zimmerman?” 

I went on to cautiously state after I was verbally abused, 

“If Trayvon was the brutally pugnacious antagonist, George Zimmerman was on the right side of a law that essentially means that if you feel…just feel…threaten you have a right to Stand Your Ground, and shoot someone…defend yourself with any means available. And, perhaps there should be some citizenry pressure put on the state lawmakers to examine and possibly change Stand Your Ground to an adapted and provable self-defense diktat. ” 

I did not gain any traction with that statement either

Eventually, I surrendered. I did not pursue a battle that already had my usual debate sparring partners fervently spent…drained – and at times ferocious. 

It appears the objectors of my inquisitive concern have settled down a bit. Actually, they have basically withdrawn from the Trayvon Martin hoopla while Trayvon’s parents appear to be working the media circuit in an expectation of a payday. I –with apprehension- contend the talk show spots are similar to movie premieres…an opportunity for the ‘stars’ to promote their pending motion picture blockbusters.  

Inconsequently, a news story with blockbuster capability was ignored by the remaining Hoodie Committee a couple of weeks ago. Ignored…shunned probably because the report was not favorable for Trayvon’s once maturing character. 

Who would have ever thought after the saintly and childlike depiction of the Skittle eater that he was a teenager that interfaced with not so pleasant events and vices?

In an evidence submission attempt that was unusually denied by a judge, Trayvon Martin was involved in the videotaping of a fight between two homeless men…cell phone photographs of a gun and the handling of a gun, various marijuana plant pictures were discovered in his saved images; and a photo of Trayvon debonairly exhaling smoke became public information. By the way, I am not sure if the respired smoke was from a cigar, Newport, Black and Mild, a joint or some other urban smoke producing substance…well, a blunt undoubtedly…today’s teenager doesn’t smoke joints. 
George Zimmerman’s legal team is doing everything possible to keep George out of the Joint. That’s what a law firm worth their salt should do. Attacking the character of the victim is the common place to start when there is a pending jury selection– and they have done that…they have placed Trayvon’s character into the predictable conclusion:

He was nothing but another Nigger with a violent streak

That’s enough to get any black man killed…just say he was acting like he was leaning toward a violent response…Again, this is sufficient for Stand Your Ground…

But, there was not any judicial success in the character assassination endeavor which leaves me wondering:

Why can’t the prosecution in this race-charged case request that the jury thoroughly examine the character of a black boy who may have not been the Choir Boy? 

Sorry, but Trayvon Martin’s character is of importance if Zimmerman’s character has been placed into question…

The Black Rebel