Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Well Earned Vote

I voted last Monday which means I lied to myself and my confidants a few years ago. I was determined not honor my right to vote. Several reasons brought me to that decision. The principal reason was my frustration with the federal government political process. To me -and I unequivocally believe that I am not alone- it appears more gets done on the local level. 

Federal elections are convoluted with the Electoral College which in fact negates the Vote of the People. The congress rarely works to be on one accord which intensifies partisanship, and promotes discord among the voting citizenry. The legal and illegal inhabitants of the USA have to endure disappointing debates and Machiavellian sound bites that truly do not answer questions or address concerns. 

Sadly, we have to revisit school yard disagreements from the zealous political talking heads e.g. Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, Ann Coulter, Rachel Maddow. Then we with American enthusiasm - merely because it is a Constitutional Right - cast a ballot that ultimately does not do much for our present situations. We have to extend a hell of a lot of our faith to have a diminutive of confidence in our system of government which for all intents and purposes describe where many of us are today…in the chasm of 

The past four years have been a challenge to have Hope and Change. For me, it has been
gut-wrenching after every No Response from a potential employer! I have been unemployed for close to two years; and all that comes with that has been front and center e.g. ego deflation, bad credit rating increase, seen as a failure, questioning of my drive, unrelenting depression, personal down-sizing, going without what I have become accustomed, and financially harsh.
But, as I also pledged to do four years ago after I voted:

Be a Critic of President Obama’s Presidency

I have been bolstered by his presidency. There has been a significant personal rejuvenation of political spirit that I hope to ‘transfer’ as I go about my- at times- empty days up until November 6, 2012. 

Simply put, President Obama cares about the United States of America. Not that his political comrades and foes do not. He has with every decision been extremely thoughtful and cognizant of the effects of his decisions particularly when it comes to the condition of the non-wealthy and unemployed. 

So, my vote was cast to reflect my present plight: 

One of millions presently poverty stricken and long term unemployed

This vote was one of conscience and reality…not my similarity to the president: Black. How can I in good judgment and faith, not vote or support President Barack Hussein Obama? Without his efforts, I would not have received my fourth and final tier of unemployment insurance…a benefit I have earned after working since I was 13 years old. 

Best believe that I have NOT used unemployment insurance as a crutch or an indication of laziness. Unemployment insurance has been needed by me and the other 12 plus million Jobless.
I am without a doubt the face of Unemployment and the Unemployed with a decent Resume,

After 636 resume/application submissions for a job and only four in-person post screening interviews, no one will ever convince me that I have not done enough to regain skill set employment. And, no one will ever convince me that Governor Romney identifies with me. He just doesn’t!
He has never been an appreciative Humbled Trash Man…I am,

Barack Obama got my vote because he empathizes and recognizes my Plight, not because I qualify for food stamps, need help with my college loans, meet the criteria for a government assistance cell phone, meet the requirements for lower cost medical insurance, and eligible for rent assistance…which by the way I have yet to acquire! 

The Black Rebel