Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pay the Price, People 

When I die...during the funeral...this song shall be played...there will be no friends/family speaking...this song will be the vehicle/the voice to tell my story. A journey that -on that final day of memorial- will be remembered as The Mission. We all are on The Mission. Some know it and others have no idea what their Mission is or has become. The challenge for us mere mortals is identifying our passion. When the challenge is not fulfilled we become humans - and not vessels of life. The Mission tells the story of a internal struggle. It reminds me of a life that has been good – but only with a Payment…a delinquent Balance. The barriers in most lives are self-induced...created from decision making. We have a choice, to live, live while dead, or to die. Make the right the decision...The Mission points out that a life can be restored with penance. Not sure about you - but in my existence over the past 7 years and primarily in the most recent year and a half, I have been paying...

Seeking a reprieve...only after the Price is Paid. Therefore, I endure…

Pay the Price, People!

*See the movie* 

The Black Rebel