Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beauty and Rebellious Sacrifice

Her beauty is astonishing! It makes you stop and do a triple take. This black woman (pictured above) is more than beauty walking. She is REMARKABLE.

Deliberately placing oneself in dangerous territory can easily be tagged as stupid. In this case, Kimberly Motley is not among the stupid. She is a Rebel sacrificing. Not many of us have her courage.

Her beautiful story!

The Black Rebel

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rebel Among the Young...and homeless

A Seed of Rebellion produces a Rebel
No need for me to comment. This young man is everything many us wish were.
-The Black Rebel

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gaza Sacrificed

The video below captures the people of Gaza in their most vulnerable state. It is something the world should be reminded of when speaking of the Gaza strip. Instead of hearing and reading what the Jew controlled media wants you to be fed, LIES!

The men and women of Palestine are survivors. They will make it out from under the bondage of Israel – and free of the overwhelming but not surprising sideline support given to Israel by the United States one day.

While they are suffering now, let’s keep in mind that they are Rebels. They have Sacrificed. I honor them!

The suffering continues in Gaza:

-The Black Rebel

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Forgotten Sacrificed

Picked up my expensive gourmet coffee this morning. Headed over to get some cheap gas. Pulled up to pump – and it happened: a man creeped-up on me and asked me for some money. “Hey, sir, I am not a drunk. I actually work, but…I have been a foreign car mechanic for years. Fell on some hard times. I am 61. Too old to be out here needing money for some gas. I will have to do something else now. Don’t know what. All I know how to do is fix cars. Do you have a couple of dollars to give me?”

A 58 year old man forcefully admonished me one day during a ReInvent Oneself seminar, “Would you please stop talking about that reinventing yourself crap. I am a brick layer. Have been since I was 14. I don’t know how to do anything but lay brick. What am I to do now that the construction business is down? I need answers. Not some fancy talking-to from you. You have a job!”

I hear this sad commentary almost every day from men and women that are well over 50 years old. The message is simple – but newly complex: ‘I have one skill, and I don’t know how to do anything other than what I have been doing for 30 years.’

America is Changing.

Shall I forthrightly say, ‘We all have to change with Her?’ Perhaps we do. In the meantime, what are the jobless ‘antiques’ to do? Go back to school? Then what? Stare at a device that terrifies them: The Computer? Brush-up on their interview skills so that they will not be out talked by a young buck? In the years past, several of these people simply walked up to the front door of a business - and asked, ‘Are you hiring?’ That was sufficient back then. Not a frowned upon question as if the one asking was a desperate idiot. That was only 20 years ago. How quickly we forget when it was simple…How quickly we forget when political correctness was the shamefully new and unwanted concept…

When I was unemployed, I secured an hour of grand standing humiliation (an interview) with a large NGO here in Atlanta. The day before the interview a friend asked me, “Are you going to shave and dye your beard before you go to the interview tomorrow?” It was full that week, full of my uncle Jerry’s gray. That question stumped me…then I thought about it: I needed to project a ‘youthful’ look for this position. I am thankful my friend was ‘ahead’ of me on that one. Needless to say, I did not get the job. A 2008 wet-behind the ears college graduate did.

The truth is, younger looking men and women are getting the jobs. With stating the obvious, it helps if you are a white female too. I mentioned this in a training session a few weeks ago. An aging ‘looking’ man (head covered with more salt than pepper) said, “I can’t do this. Here I am private school educated, experienced with institutional memory – and I have to HIDE my qualities and unsuccessfully compete with white women?” He stormed out in frustration.

America has Changed.

Not for the best for those who paved the way. It is the old man and woman who taught me everything I know – and now they are casualties because of The Changes. Changes that I cannot accept. Especially, when an old man has to ask me, the Youngin’, for two bucks to get gas…to GET TO WORK.
Sad Reality for us all – but sadder for our ‘older generation’. The Babies of the Boomer generation are LITERALLY DOOMED.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by NOT having the two dollars in cash to give to the Mechanic. He walked away mumbling, “Yeah, everyone is using that plastic these days. I am definitely aging.”

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Leader Rift

Egos are deadly. Toxic. Destructive. Al has a big one and Tavis has a gigantic one!

Both men are good at what they do. Al is the last of the Frontline Go Getters and Tavis is still evolving. Tavis actually despite popular opinion has worked hard to help black people get to where they need to be: Over the Hump. His State of the Black Union ran its course thus the reason he “abandoned” it. I don’t too much plan him. He did his part. He re-started the dialogue. Challenged us to address our self-induced problems and encouraged us to defeat the American system-generated barriers.

Al speaks the conscious of countless blacks. He is relentless in his efforts. Tough in his approach – more than likely not ‘bought’. Owned by an unseen force. He is criticized by many – but no one can take away from what he has done and doing.

Unfortunately, both black men are now doing what The Powers can appreciate:


Sadly, the beef is really over differences of opinion pertaining to President Barack Obama. A man who stopped being completely effective when he left the tough work of community activism. Sadly, the argument at the links below will ultimately hurt Black America. It will not create some spirited debate that will lead to a resolution. It is another case of us against them:

Tavis’s Supporters who are not too excited about the first black president versus Al’s Supporters who are in the president’s corner just because he is black.

No winners…that I give a damn about!

Another wasteful Sacrifice.

The Black Rebel sharing.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Malcolm's Sacrifice

I shall not forget this man. I shall not move away from his truth. He was one of the first men I learn to respect. The first book I read was his autobiography. As a matter of fact, I did not read this FIRST book until I was a sophomore at High Point University. Malcolm X, no matter where we 'stand' in our psyche, speaks our soul. Many of us have moved away from that place: The Authentic Self. Living a double life that keeps us ashamed of our reflections. Our authenticity is REBELLION. We did not come to the shores of this dreadful place peacefully. Some were brave enough to kill themselves to avoid what many of us (New Blacks) have endured. After experiencing what we have suffered I am thankful we 'came through'. But, I do not have any ill words for those who stood on Devil's Bridge in Antigua, and threw themselves in the rough waters of the Atlantic with hopes to meet The Creator via suicide. I honor these suicides because those Africans trusted their 'gut': 'Life from this point will be hell.' Slavery was hell...look what it has done to us! With this I do acknowledge how far we have come:

I present to you the one and only, Malcolm X:

Self Hatred

The Real Criminal Element

The Real Oppressor and the Oppressed

Why Black People are Brutalized

Get Involved to Make a Change

Expansion of Civil Rights to Human Rights

-The Black Rebel

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Struggle Appreciated

I am so thankful for the struggle I witnessed and experienced growing up.

Wondering if the light bill would be paid. The constant disconnection of telephone service. The water getting turned off. Having to open up the stove's oven to heat the two bedroom rented homed that housed five adults and three children. Eating the same meals (healthy) every week e.g. liver, rice, onions, and gravy on Tuesday. Enduring the barrage of jokes because the Chevy Nova we rode in did not have a muffler for the longest time. Having to share Levi jeans with my brother.

I can go on.

As I typed I got sentimental. I did not tear-up because I have regrets or have psychological troubles with my poverty infected past. Nope. Not at all!

I am happy. Content. Because I know what struggle is and can be. I know how to adapt while many basically lose it. Go crazy as a result of the poor economy and received rejection letters for employment.

Life is tough for so many. I will not begin to draw comparisons to the lifetime of struggles people from Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia have to face. My temporary struggles back in the day and now are minor when thinking of what men/women face each and every day across the seas.

One thing is for sure I have never imploded. I have made mistakes and reacted like an idiot – but I have never lost it.

My struggle. My poverty prepared me for the tough times.

If you find yourself in a struggle to make it…dig deep. Don’t be the person we read about: Man Loses Job. Kills Wife, Then Himself.

Know that struggles make The Man/The Woman. If you have none or never had are 'all together'. Good luck with that!

Written by The Black Rebel. Inspired by a call a made this morning: My mother has NEVER been wrong.

Picture – The Real Struggles are Inward

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Searching for Sacrifice for African Americans

For the next few weeks I commit to searching for information e.g. articles, video, etc. that documents how African Americans are helping the people of Haiti.

I humbly encourage you to assist me in discovering what our brothers and sisters are doing – and then share it. If not, dynamic accounts may go unpublicized. Let’s be the Black I-Reporters!

It is obvious we cannot depend on NBC, ABC, CBS, and definitely not Fox to highlight the small or large contributions we are making. Yes, all the networks will show us entertaining to raise money - which is a wonderful gesture on the part of the musicians – but if we want to ‘push’ our efforts, and not be seen as the porch monkey during this time of Haiti's peril we have to be The Media.

If you did not notice be informed: the Fox News Network was the ONLY news outlet that did not air Hope for Haiti. Interesting – and BOLD. These good ole boys just don’t care what type of fallout they may create. Or, is it that they are fully confident that their viewers are ultra committed to their ultra conservative rhetoric? I kinda respect that confidence…

A few black contributions:

NBA players donating $1000 to Haiti for every point scored Friday ...

Daughter rushes to Haitian doctors' home to help victims -

Haiti earthquake: African-Americans rally to help -,0,2800646.story

Brian E. Payne sharing.