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Beauty and Rebellious Sacrifice

Her beauty is astonishing! It makes you stop and do a triple take. This black woman (pictured above) is more than beauty walking. She is REMARKABLE.

Deliberately placing oneself in dangerous territory can easily be tagged as stupid. In this case, Kimberly Motley is not among the stupid. She is a Rebel sacrificing. Not many of us have her courage.

Her beautiful story!

The Black Rebel


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Star vs. Basketball Wives…the Winners are, Basketball Thugs with Vaginas

Why do so many –in this case- black people live...really live in the manure that television spews? Why do we support what has caused the demise of a once Great Culture, Blackness? 

What happen to women being women of respect and dignity?
Yes...there are numerous black women behaving in a way that support the Great Culture of the past. When I think of the expectations that I have for my yet to be born daughter, I feel an immediate overwhelming sense of fear. I am terrified that my Porter will haphazardly stumble across a television train wreck (TV show) that will partially influence her...slightly encourage her to behave like an untamed human...gently push her towards what a woman is not: Basketball Wives like many reality shows are poor examples of the American culture. In my travels all around this world for work (Peace Corps) and pleasure (Hedonism is off the chain, by the way), I have been in the unwanted position of explaining to a villager or a resort wait staffer that all American…

Black Leader Rift

Egos are deadly. Toxic. Destructive. Al has a big one and Tavis has a gigantic one!

Both men are good at what they do. Al is the last of the Frontline Go Getters and Tavis is still evolving. Tavis actually despite popular opinion has worked hard to help black people get to where they need to be: Over the Hump. His State of the Black Union ran its course thus the reason he “abandoned” it. I don’t too much plan him. He did his part. He re-started the dialogue. Challenged us to address our self-induced problems and encouraged us to defeat the American system-generated barriers.
Al speaks the conscious of countless blacks. He is relentless in his efforts. Tough in his approach – more than likely not ‘bought’. Owned by an unseen force. He is criticized by many – but no one can take away from what he has done and doing.
Unfortunately, both black men are now doing what The Powers can appreciate:
Sadly, the beef is really over differences of opinion pertaining to President Barack Obama…
Royalty is not Cultured
Culture is the character of a people’s identity, the good and the bad. Culture at its root –at its alpha- is unblemished…but over time it can be seasoned with moral corruption, irresponsibility and superciliousness. In most cases the true essence of a people’s culture is beyond reproach. That’s if it is not tainted with brutal imperialism and outlandish liberalism.

Culture is solidified…permanently footprint-ed in the universe leaving humans with brilliance, integrity, sophistication, and unfortunately with inflated egos and even horrible memories of human hatred i.e. Pacific Islanders were slaughtered by Christian missionaries. Therefore, culture should never drift, die or create a new identity. Culture will remain…with and without its orchestrators when this temporary existence that we refer to as Life implodes.

Early this week an associate and I were discussing The Royal Wedding. He let me know with high intensity that I was being shallow when I stated,