Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bob Johnson...Please be Quiet

Please read article:


The Black Rebel responds:

I would be absolutely crazy if I did not agree with any person who issues a standpoint/statement about the seriousness of unemployment among black people in the United States. My issue with this from Bob Johnson is this: this man headed a media empire at one time that promoted outlandish ignorance, blatant misogyny, destructive disrespect and disregard for decency, promotion of violence in the black community via videos and example of BET's foolishness,

BET was not and STILL is not good example for black family. Bob Johnson essentially condoned this destruction as a leader of Black Entertainment Television...and now he wants to give advice to the President? Shameful!

The Black Rebel 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Well Earned Vote

I voted last Monday which means I lied to myself and my confidants a few years ago. I was determined not honor my right to vote. Several reasons brought me to that decision. The principal reason was my frustration with the federal government political process. To me -and I unequivocally believe that I am not alone- it appears more gets done on the local level. 

Federal elections are convoluted with the Electoral College which in fact negates the Vote of the People. The congress rarely works to be on one accord which intensifies partisanship, and promotes discord among the voting citizenry. The legal and illegal inhabitants of the USA have to endure disappointing debates and Machiavellian sound bites that truly do not answer questions or address concerns. 

Sadly, we have to revisit school yard disagreements from the zealous political talking heads e.g. Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, Ann Coulter, Rachel Maddow. Then we with American enthusiasm - merely because it is a Constitutional Right - cast a ballot that ultimately does not do much for our present situations. We have to extend a hell of a lot of our faith to have a diminutive of confidence in our system of government which for all intents and purposes describe where many of us are today…in the chasm of 

The past four years have been a challenge to have Hope and Change. For me, it has been
gut-wrenching after every No Response from a potential employer! I have been unemployed for close to two years; and all that comes with that has been front and center e.g. ego deflation, bad credit rating increase, seen as a failure, questioning of my drive, unrelenting depression, personal down-sizing, going without what I have become accustomed, and financially harsh.
But, as I also pledged to do four years ago after I voted:

Be a Critic of President Obama’s Presidency

I have been bolstered by his presidency. There has been a significant personal rejuvenation of political spirit that I hope to ‘transfer’ as I go about my- at times- empty days up until November 6, 2012. 

Simply put, President Obama cares about the United States of America. Not that his political comrades and foes do not. He has with every decision been extremely thoughtful and cognizant of the effects of his decisions particularly when it comes to the condition of the non-wealthy and unemployed. 

So, my vote was cast to reflect my present plight: 

One of millions presently poverty stricken and long term unemployed

This vote was one of conscience and reality…not my similarity to the president: Black. How can I in good judgment and faith, not vote or support President Barack Hussein Obama? Without his efforts, I would not have received my fourth and final tier of unemployment insurance…a benefit I have earned after working since I was 13 years old. 

Best believe that I have NOT used unemployment insurance as a crutch or an indication of laziness. Unemployment insurance has been needed by me and the other 12 plus million Jobless.
I am without a doubt the face of Unemployment and the Unemployed with a decent Resume,

After 636 resume/application submissions for a job and only four in-person post screening interviews, no one will ever convince me that I have not done enough to regain skill set employment. And, no one will ever convince me that Governor Romney identifies with me. He just doesn’t!
He has never been an appreciative Humbled Trash Man…I am,

Barack Obama got my vote because he empathizes and recognizes my Plight, not because I qualify for food stamps, need help with my college loans, meet the criteria for a government assistance cell phone, meet the requirements for lower cost medical insurance, and eligible for rent assistance…which by the way I have yet to acquire! 

The Black Rebel

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Truth about The A

When I was asked:

I would like to know a little something about the ATL. How is life in the ATL?

My response in commentary:

Atlanta Life for me has not been that pleasing since I have been here, 7 years. Living here is definitely a different look than visiting for a weekend, as I did for years. I have yet to fully assimilate and accept that life in The A is not progressive. The lack of internationalism forward-thinking e.g. an understanding that Atlanta is a speck on the world map and the inescapable intellectual shallowness exasperates me. But to be fair, the make-up of the Atlanta metro area resembles most urban black cities...plagued by transplant-ism and an overwhelming sense of apathy that exudes from the natives, Atlantans. I get the sense that people come here to say that they are living in Atlanta or have lived in the Atlanta City Limits...when in fact –in most cases- they reside or resided in a country ass city that's 25 minutes from Atlanta. Mecca of the bible belt…? May be it was years ago e.g. Auburn Avenue - but from my view of vision Atlanta is an accepting victim of black flashiness, senseless crime, white people discontent that's boiling over (e.g. home and vehicle break-ins and stick-ups in the neighborhoods that they have successfully revitalized), pathetically acquired reputation-glory from strip club prowess, horrible educational administration and non-professional amity e.g. not much hands of hands washing among the black elite. Again, there are several cities that are defined this way. Nonetheless, Atlanta’s prides itself on the opposite of my definition. Therefore, projecting a false image of a glorious black existence…

A honest assessment without unhappiness...happiness for me is in what I have accomplished while here: fatherhood, wrote a book that was published, completed a honorable stint with the Peace Corps, started the writing of another book, gained a good professional reputation, and have become MORE comfortable with my those of you wondering if I am happy...I AM with My Truth about The A...

The Black Rebel

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Lost Faith, Black Republicanism

Not too many Black Folk will admit it...but the Republican and Conservative agenda runs deep in their veins. Yeah...yeah...I know a huge segment of the black community were republicans back in the day. That is a fact! Research it. Hell, just talk to your grandparents!

It is so interesting to me that the black community characteristically identifies with republican beliefs and conservative conducts, but yet votes a STRAIGHT Democratic Ticket. It is not like the democrats have always favored the black cause. They have not! That is a fact. Research it! 

I, for one, do not believe that the Civil Rights Bill would NOT have passed if the administration at the time was Republican. Some African Americans actually believe that. And, you cannot prove to me that the masses of the Jews, gay community, tree-huggers, and Woodstockers were registered democrats. 

The appeal for the non-black Civil Rights Movement participants was nestled in human compassion, not black or white. It was an opportunity to be a part of a cause that was reflective of Human Kindness. 

So, if you are a black republican so be it! I don't have an issue with a platform that states man/woman should do for self. I really do not get that from the Democrat Dais. I just don’t…

Yeah...yeah some need assistance, I recognize that. The black ancestors NEVER looked for governmental contributions. They knew that the governmental structure back then was NOT going to comfort them with handouts. They worked hard...prayed hard...and focused on what was/is obviously RIGHT. 

Anything outside of Personal Responsibility is NOT right. From my conservatively groomed disposition, the democrats and liberals have an excuse or illegitimate justification for all ‘problematic developments’. Why can’t it be that countless people are screw-ups, and fail to be responsible for their mistakes? Why can’t it be that numerous people prefer behavior that does not ‘jive’ with traditional values? The government should not be the Bail Bondsman for Stupidity, and the government should not serve as the Magistrate of Unfortunate Consequence. 

I am not a Republican or Democrat. I don't subscribe to political theatrics. I stand for what has gotten lost: Hard Work…Irrefutable Non-Religious Faith.  

Nobody owes me shit! All of my success is seated on the backs of black men and women who would kick the average black person's ass for embarrassing them and disrespecting their societal contribution. By the way, the ass kicking would be for being, AVERAGE – and not exceptional. 

If African Americans get rid of and ignore party titles they would easily be on the side of what defines Republican/Conservative...I just know it. 

How do I know? Go to a black church...

The Black Rebel

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pay the Price, People 

When I die...during the funeral...this song shall be played...there will be no friends/family speaking...this song will be the vehicle/the voice to tell my story. A journey that -on that final day of memorial- will be remembered as The Mission. We all are on The Mission. Some know it and others have no idea what their Mission is or has become. The challenge for us mere mortals is identifying our passion. When the challenge is not fulfilled we become humans - and not vessels of life. The Mission tells the story of a internal struggle. It reminds me of a life that has been good – but only with a Payment…a delinquent Balance. The barriers in most lives are self-induced...created from decision making. We have a choice, to live, live while dead, or to die. Make the right the decision...The Mission points out that a life can be restored with penance. Not sure about you - but in my existence over the past 7 years and primarily in the most recent year and a half, I have been paying...

Seeking a reprieve...only after the Price is Paid. Therefore, I endure…

Pay the Price, People!

*See the movie* 

The Black Rebel 

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Way of the World is not The Way it Is

When someone says, 'well, that's the way the world is....' -as if to emphatically imply 'get accustomed to it' - or this one: 'this is the way it is and will always be.' - I want to scream. I want to strangle the person on the other end of the email discussion/on the other end of the cell phone call. 

The statements unfortunately infer a Defeated if there is nothing that can be done to rectify The Ways of this Unfair World. Yes, some situations are beyond repair. However, think about this:

If a woman terminates all of her pregnancies because of the sad realities of This World, what will happen to This World? 

It will not continue. The World will cease to exist. There will be no new life to eradicate what we –irresponsible human beings- have created. We are the makers of This World...we are the Navigators...we dictate what will become! Unfortunately, what This World has become is a reflection of your city, your hometown. The World has not become a Sodom and Gomorrah. You, me, we have become men and women of Destruction. We kill ourselves everyday not knowing that our death is alive. 

The hope (yes there is hope) is in a positive thought, a courageous act, and finally in the non-religious faith (yes there is a right way to utilize faith) that we should have already (without it we are deaf, dumb, and blind). Without an Everyday Faith there is hopelessness and a constant despair.
In all my desires to quit from time to time I end my days with a Hope. A hope that will forbid me for forever saying again, 'that's the way it is.' 

Family and Friends, Please make sure you, me, we do not become what we should despise: 


Encouragement is redundant and a bit played...but you, me, we need the monotony of it to 


The Black Rebel

Sunday, June 24, 2012

 Hanging with Black Owned Business 

I have really tried to hang in there with black own businesses. Unfortunately, using the phrase 'hang in there' gives indication which direction this post is headed.

If you don't know anything about me KNOW THIS: I have overextended myself for the majority of my life to be about Black Empowerment and Black Nationalism. I understand Black Nationalism to be the ONLY significant step toward cultural
l and financially unification and freedom.

Every ethnic group within the United States FIND some way to build a 'home-base'. It may be in the most unpleasant locale of an urban city - but that base is their country within America. I wanted this for my generation and the generation that has come behind mine.

Sadly, there is one common denominator that hinders...stops me from spending my now unemployment dollars at the hood barber shop, at the veggie and fruit stand, and/or small restaurant...

Bad Business Practices

I do not have to list them. As customers, you know what to expect when you enter a barber shop, hair salon, small cafe...

Thankfully, my radar still leans toward doing what was once done on the Alburn Avenues of America...
At this very moment I am sitting in a comfortable chair (not a cheap plastic chair), there is soft music playing (not Atlanta's whack version of hip hop), the temperature is cool (no ridiculous efforts being made to cut the cost of the electricity bill), the wait staff appears to value her responsibility (no sour attitude), the kids seated in the corner are well behaved (obviously not products of Dekalb County/Atlanta Public schools), the bathroom is clean (it has been checked by the owner 3 times since I have been here), the art work is tasteful (representations of Buddha are everywhere), no one is loud (no horrible annunciations of simple English), thankfully there is no Christianity-chatter or talk about what God has done (no Jesus fanatics trying to save my soul), and I don't have to worry about an alcoholic approaching me for my change when I exit)!

I am in a Black Business Heaven...I am downtown Decatur, Georgia at the newly opened CozeeTeas. A Zen-like place where I can write, meditate, think, eavesdrop, engage other open minds without a fear of some cursing me, sing to myself, blog, and navigate on the worldwide web.

Check it out...if you can appreciate a black own business that offers what all paying customers deserve:

Good Business Practices

And, please know that I EXPECT what CozzeTeas offer from all businesses! 

Address/Hours Of Operation:
225 East Ponce De Leon Ave Suite 130
Decatur, Ga. 30030
Phone number: 404-373-2110
Mon-Thu 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.
Fri/Sat 10 a.m. until 11 p.m.
Sun 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
The Black Rebel 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Star vs. Basketball Wives…the Winners are, Basketball Thugs with Vaginas

Why do so many –in this case- black people live...really live in the manure that television spews? Why do we support what has caused the demise of a once Great Culture, Blackness? 

What happen to women being women of respect and dignity?

Yes...there are numerous black women behaving in a way that support the Great Culture of the past. When I think of the expectations that I have for my yet to be born daughter, I feel an immediate overwhelming sense of fear. I am terrified that my Porter will haphazardly stumble across a television train wreck (TV show) that will partially influence her...slightly encourage her to behave like an untamed human...gently push her towards what a woman is not:
Basketball Wives like many reality shows are poor examples of the American culture. In my travels all around this world for work (Peace Corps) and pleasure (Hedonism is off the chain, by the way), I have been in the unwanted position of explaining to a villager or a resort wait staffer that all Americans are not uninhabited beast. Particularly, when I get, "Why do black people act like that?" "Like what, Ms.?" That's the question I come back with knowing full-well where the conversation is headed.

The most recent opportunity for me to respond to the Like What question was a few weeks ago while basking in the Jamaican:
 The Response to my Like What Question:

‘Why do black women from America behave like those women on the show Basketball Wives and Atlanta Housewives?’

Due to my extreme discontent with the way black Americans have represented themselves in the COLLECTIVE, I refuse to answer the sincere question now…these days.

Once upon a time I did respond. I would state all the usual excuses and conclude by prefacing examples of Black Elegance: 
Overtime, I discovered that my continued and long-winded explanations were/are not as powerful as the junk box...nothing can stop the media infiltration that was created by the Jewish/European forces in Hollywood.

Ultimately, the reason for bad behavior displayed by the former Africans residing in Babylon is the responsibility of the poor excuses for Africans who pathetically claim/recite their American citizenship by reciting the pledge of allegiance - and who sadly do not know the words to:

Black people have created the stereotypes, we reinforce them every single day, and in turn Caucasians correctly remind us that we are the stereotype that has taken residency in their minds.

Face it…there is no group effort to represent Harriet Tubman in the most positive way. There is no collective effort to be worthy of an entrance pass to the Black Ancestral Heavens. None! The days of honoring your slave name with fear of getting a whipping and with Elder Instilled Integrity are long gone.

Gone like all of these poor examples of black femininity.

I applaud Star Jones for her most recent efforts to bring additional attention to the way countless black females are ill-representing Black Woman Divinity. I also applauded Star when she refused to bring herself to the lows of NeNe Leakes while on The Apprentice.

Star Jones proved in that moment of contention with NeNe that she is better. Unfortunately, several black women that I interfaced with the Monday following that episode were cheering for NeNe. And, get this: these women were not hood chicks!

Apprentice Teachers are what our young black women and men need. They don't need reality shows featuring black women/men behaving badly. Especially, black women with husbands who work for the Nicca Basketball League...Exploitation extended to the basketball wife and family. Shameful!
A praying man who behaves with decency and who has contributed to the empowerment of black people worldwide prays for a debonair Queen...not an Evelyn Lozada or the likes of her!

I thank my God that I have always had/have Black Queens in my life – and my Porter (unborn daughter) will be among those ranks of Porter's mother:

The Black Rebel