Wednesday, December 14, 2011

60 Minutes with President Obama, Positioning

When I was academically and emotionally dredging my way through undergrad I knew that college was an opportunity for me to put myself in a position to make more money. That was drilled into my head by high school teachers and guidance counselors. Thanks, Mr. Watson and Mrs. Berrier! Not one time did I question their advice. I believed and believed in them. To this day, I must state that I am still of the belief that going to college and finishing with a degree is a potential opportunity to put yourself in a position to make more money. Not that it is a guarantee. My life has proven that a bachelor’s degree and a higher degree do not permanently secure a comfortable middle class salary. Nevertheless, I by no means believe that my present seeking employment predicament is indicative of an ‘inequality’ within the American system. I decided to major in Health & Physical Education. I decided to spend the majority of my professional life trying to change a world that is by divine fate is destined to implode. I decided to massage souls. Those are the decisions that I MADE that have placed me in a lower but significantly higher than average salary range. A range that’s somewhat lower than someone who decided to be a chemical engineering major. This person positioned herself to make more money. She MADE a decision to follow her dream of becoming a Chemical Engineer. At the end of the day it is about Personal Positioning. If you want to put yourself in a position to make more money don’t become a police officer. Don’t waste your time with savior idealism. Step into the arena that capitalism encourages: Go after the money. And, if you decide to do something different that embraces humanitarian employment don’t blame the government particularly the conservative right for the outcome. This is America, definitely an unequal economic structure, but it is all about Positioning. President Obama, in this entire uproar over classism…wealth disparity, has not highlighted Positioning. He has -since he took up residence at the White House - done nothing but put a spotlight on how much the wealthy make. This is appreciated to a certain extent – it is also an irrelevant consequence within a Capitalist society! How about questioning what the non-wealthy are not doing? How about asking, ‘what are you doing to POSITION yourself to acquire what MOST Americans want: Financial Prosperity? We have to stop promoting a culture of expectation. We have to promote a culture that dictates understanding and recognition for where you are in life, and if you are not pleased do everything possible to get what you want. If that desire is wealth…POSITION! 

The Black Rebel

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tyler Perry is not the Problem...Black People Are

Okay...I read the infamous Open Letter to Tyler Perry

First, I want to state that I have not always been in Tyler's corner. I actually do not like all the characters that he has created which in my opinion are either alter egos or figments of his imagination that he loves dearly and loathes secretly. Like a lot of people Tyler has demons; and apparently the demons subconsciously surface when he is thinking about a movie script that will more than likely make viewers laugh and cry. 

With this recent soon to be dashing uproar, I must say that I am seriously fed-up with the complaining about what Perry does and doesn't do. He is an entertainer. The objective ultimately is to make money. Just like the Hollywood Jews do on the daily. Those Jews are in fact the Jewish population that black people help make billions by flocking to see an array of blockbusters! 

What Perry is not is what so many attach to him...he is NOT responsible for the Black Cause. He is not a self-declared black activist. He definitely is not responsible for the Black Demise. The latter has been a part of black society for decades - and in most cases black people are the reason for the DEMISE.

Tyler Perry has rejuvenated the careers of so many black actors including the most popular among the black thespians...Angela Basset. Casting Kim Kardashian should not be an issue within the ranks of black females. 

How about black women addressing the obvious: the reason the angry, downtrodden, depressed, insane, desperate black female made its way to the small and big screen. Tyler did not make up The Angry Black Woman. Hell, I see/communicate with a different one every single day. She is usually the pompously irate black woman in the Starbucks line…furious because she is running late for The Plantation. 

Black women have directly and indirectly created a milieu that projects and supports the physiognomies that I have listed. Now, does this mean that all black women behave like an uptight and vengeful woman...NO! My momma and the moms within her generation have proven that! 

What it does imply is that TOO MANY black women are of this pathetic disposition. If it were not spot-on there would be no debate, argument, or controversy over an Armenian woman playing a leading role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film. Additionally, to grudgingly sidestep the obvious some black women are voicing that Kim Kardashian is not a good selection for the Marriage Counselor because she cannot act. And, Tasha Smith can act…? She is being herself on screen - or what she was in her former lifetime: an unhinged drug addict. Yes…the undesirable elements within Tasha Smith’s past life can easily be morphed into a potential Tyler Perry character.

To say that Tyler Perry "hates black women” is an emotionally irrational indictment! How does anyone determine that he hates black women when they are not in his immediate circle of family and friends? I believe he loves black women. I believe the characters he has created…with the help of the unwanted realities within the black family…are family members of countless real black families, The Madea and the Mr. Brown. So, what is the problem considering he has had tons of black assistance with black character formation? What's the issue? Is it that Tyler Perry continues to Air Dirty Laundry? Yes...that's it. He is putting us on Front Street. Conversely, I do not believe that he intends to embarrass African Americans. He is presenting the reality that exists for many.

Once again, we -well not me any longer- are attacking the messenger. I have learned the hard way that the descendants of African slaves are purposely conflicted. Besides, messages are sent via the most deranged of us e.g. Billie Holiday, Donnie Hathaway, Tupac Shakur. 

I grew-up in a small town. In that small town there was once a man by the name of Jim Blayent. He was the Small, Jacob, Marsh Street and Douglas Drive Drunk. The Rabbit Quarter Otis. Mr. Jim was always walking up and down the streets singing and dancing reeking of Seagram’s Gin. He was porch monkeying his way through life as a blotto. No one ever questioned why he got so plastered every weekend. No one. What we did was laugh at and with him. What we did was learn from him too. He was a hood professor. He introduced me to Booker T. Washington, he talked about slavery, he told stories about his time in the Army...he was so much to so many. Including a Drunk. Still, Mr. Jim was a teacher! He shared tales that were laced with Life Lessons. He passed on The Message. He was a Messenger. And, guess what? Jim Blayent could be a character within a Tyler Perry film. 

I ask,

Would you have an issue with Tyler 'highlighting' someone like Jim Blayent? Would you claim that Tyler does not care about black people? Would you conclude that Tyler is supporting buffoonery?

Black people need to worry themselves with their extremely low black male high school graduation rate, blacks killing blacks, the escalating black prisoner population, and the health of black people domestically and worldwide. Look at us: we are suffering from obesity complications (mostly black females, btw)! Look at us: we still refuse to address HIV/AIDS within the black church! Look at us: we refuse to accept that we are a mentally ill people! Look at us: we allow black preachers to bankrupt us spiritually and financially! 

Look at us - and not Tyler Perry in the singular! He is doing much much more for us than all the black NBA and NFL slaves combined. And, more than these disgusting Word bootlegging ministers! 

The truth is that Tyler Perry does not owe black people a damn thing! Black people give him the ammunition for his productions! He could easily load-up his movies with wealthy white actors. But no…Tyler is foolishly loyal to black people while countless blacks purchase his movies at barber shops and nail salons. 

The Black Rebel

Thursday, October 13, 2011


"Don't blame Wall Street…Don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself."

Herman Cain’s most recent statement regarding the protesters of the Occupation Movement did not ruffle my feathers. It did not offend me. It was certainly not 


It was a candid statement that has been Liberally used to taint his reputation - and further divide the classes of America which is something that’s necessary since the election of a black/white man there is a belief that the races are on an equal playing field. A field that’s littered with opportunity but purposely disenfranchised by Dixie, mid-Western, Northern, and Western xenophobes! 
While insensitive but truthful, Herman Cain could have tamed or reserved his opinion considering there is significant financial trouble lurking around and plaguing families from all walks of life, there are recent college graduates that are jobless, more men/women are now below the lower socio-economic level, and a plethora of Americans have been strategically prevented from acquiring Rich status because of

…Blatant and Institutionalized Racism

Two weeks ago I was thinking about my successes and failures. With pride, I do consider myself to be a beneficiary of African American 1940’ 50’s, and 60’s success which is the reason I can also humbly declare that I have been somewhat successful even though I have never put forth a plan to be 

However, failure is always in the mix…it is a persistent factor within the dynamic we refer to as Life. It is the other half of Taoism’s pictogram:

“One cannot attain success without embracing failure. -The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness

In the duality of my earthly existence…this time around in my reincarnation I failed myself and my mother when I knowingly did not accomplish one of my goals:

Obtain/Secure financial wealth so that I can take care of my mother by the time she reaches 50 years old. -1990

Momma Mary recently changed job locations and shifts. The shift change was my most pressing concern. She began to work third shift. While she was okay with it, I was not; and I was sadly reminded that I failed. *After consultation, she no longer works that shift.

Looking back over my life, I have to admit that I was provided with two easy opportunities to become RICH. Both, are connected to my once –now aged- awesome athletic aptitude. I was a hell of a hurdler. So much talent! The accolades are abundant! And, my idol…role model was definitely better:

Unlike me, Edwin Moses was not misguided and was not full of sightless idealism. Unlike Moses, I decided to waste that particular talent after graduating from High Point University. I made –what has become an unfortunate decision- to help people…to save the world…to adhere to my bleeding heart.

That decision did take me to several countries…it did open many doors to other cultures…it did place interesting people in my life…it did broaden my intellect…it did increase my awareness of religion’s faultiness - and made me a 

Citizen of the World

I appreciate all of the above. I do. And, I am thankful…

Regretfully, I am not rolling in the loot. I am not making it rain! So, Herman Cain is RIGHT…I am not rich and I have no one to BLAME but myself! 

If you are truly honest with yourself, you know that Mr. Cain is dead-on! 

The Black Rebel

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Troy Davis, September 21, 2011


"Since Davis' conviction in 1991, seven of the nine witnesses against him have recanted their testimony. No physical evidence was presented linking Davis to the killing of the policeman." 

So what is the problem...???? Why in the hell is he still on Death Row with this information? 

The recanting of the witnesses is a classic example of how when people are up against the wall they will more than likely in COWARDICE and FEAR serve someone else up to be lynched including an innocent man...that is a sad commentary. All of these 'recanting witnesses" who lied to avoid jail time or received favors/money to lie should be locked up for the amount of time Davis has spent in prison. Damn Losers! 

The state of Georgia best not kill this man on September 21, 2011!
The Black Rebel

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Face of Insult from a White Reject

“Don’t feel sorry for poor white Americans. They had/have every opportunity to be out of poverty. Their skin, their family heritage, their ancestors investment in slavery, their superiority that’s attached to Christian domination all over the world, their ability to institute institutional racism without it being detected, their ability to hoodwink the world with a white Jesus and Santa Claus, their denial of wanting to be of dark skin, their women’s concealed desire to want a black man to sexually devour them…their entire life is one of privilege - and if a white person is down and out, homeless, and/addicted to a substance there is only one explanation: They are shiftless and/or they have been disowned by momma and daddy because they (white women) were caught sexing a brother while off to college or they (white men) brought home a black woman home for the celebrated Indian Massacre. -Grandma Frankie

I was standing in line at the Starbucks in Kroger waiting on my rejuvenation: some H20. I had my caffeine before my six mile walk. I noticed that he was in line too, waiting. He…is the homeless urine contaminated white man who I lament. Not because he is white…I don’t like him because he is rude to not only the Starbucks and Kroger staff, I have major beef with him because he in all his bad aroma and filthy clothing…and matted beard is STILL arrogant. No sense of humility in his miserable state! He comes in as if he owns the place every morning after waking up from under a tree. Moving the half and half and the sugar like he paid for both for everyone’s use…He NEVER returns the items. He stares at me like I am a crook or as if I am evil spook. As if I am going to make him smell any worse than he already does. Again, me nah like dis man!

Okay…while waiting he asks a handsome, well groomed, clean, pearly-white teeth young black man, “Do you think you will ever make something of yourself? Amount to be something? Anything?”

The black twenty-something brotha works as a Barista at my Starbucks. He was behind the counter working!! Earning a living. Being productive. Earlier he told me that he has been a source of income for his family since he started working. He talked about how his minimum wage has supported various family members. He by all accounts is a WONDERFUL fella! By the way, Starbucks is one of two jobs for him!

When I heard that debasing remark from a man who lives behind Kroger in a mini homeless camp, I wanted to take his lice diseased head and ram it into the sushi chef’s display case. Thank God for 100mg of Lexapro, emotional growth, and a fear of getting raped while in prison. The anger was flaming…the disappointment from what was said to the Barista was enough for me to drop a tear.

In all our (black people) success, we are still beneath a white piss-smelling life reject? How in the hell does a white man end up like that, anyway? He has EVERYTHING at his disposal to MAKE IT! Here he is a two-bit NOTHING, and he insults a working black man…there is no way to spin his statement…SO shut-up, you White Defenders - it was this:

‘Ni**er, you are nothing. You serve me coffee. Your people are apes – and you are just a ni**er with a job. I own you and this world.”

That was this pathetic piece of  mierda sentiment. When ya black ya know when ya receiving an insult from a white person.

President black – but he still a monkey to the best and worst of some white people. Black folk will always be what they despise. And, get this – the white trash I wanted to smack really believes he is better than not only the Barista Brotha…but better than ALL blacks. I can see it (his superiority complex) in his eyes. He just like all these struggling white people who vote a straight Republican ticket while that ticket is making it TOUGH for them…too!

Poor White Republicans living in West Virginia

The Black Rebel

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Help...Integrity, Pride, Sacrifice

I read the blog written by Dr. Boyce Watkins (link above) and I have read several of the responses. Once again, black-hyper sensitivity at it is best. Instead of whining about a stereotype we should think about what African American ancestors who were maids would more than likely prefer us to embrace.

They played an integral part in the formation of Black America History. A history that’s honorable – and not embarrassing. Not of shame – but of pride and integrity. The job of a maid back before the civil rights act and immediately afterwards was ‘a job’.

One of America’s greatest icons, MLK, said this: “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

The countless black women who RAISED white children, served as a therapist for the white slave master’s wife, cooked meal after meal for nourishment, stole-with good purpose-items e.g. meds from the Big House for sickly slaves, and then came home to the reality of inequality while raising some of us New Blacks that may be complaining about The Truth.

Women were maids back in the day...and there was NOTHING wrong with their SACRIFICE. So, go see the movie with ya head held high and ya eyes on the prize.
The Black Rebel

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am an American!
Growing up I never thought of Independence Day as a holiday. It was just the day that competed with my birthday, July 3, 1970 – My Sleep…Explained
I also never felt any sense of American pride on the Fourth of July. Conversely, living via learning has humbly changed me in ways that have faintly defied my Fred Hampton militancy.
Without releasing all of my Nat Turner defiance, I have altered my opinions regarding the day that solidified America’s vicious Conquest and Imperialism. Note the word…altered. Believing that the United States has been a diabolical system of biblical Roman supremacy and tyranny, I cannot relinquish all of my Bob Marley sentiment. 

I would like to believe that I am anew. That I am getting better with age, and not soft. Or, perhaps  
I am an American…?

Would I be the turncoat of the Black Power Movement if I completely embraced American ideals?
No. I would not. I would be…well…I am a lawful resident who has decided to stand knee deep in the essence of American citizenry, not in Her local and long distance annihilation. 

Thankfully, I owe this new thought to the Buffalo Soldiers and my uncles who served in America’s military:
*Jerry Lee Payne
Espousal of this is my patriotic rally call, and not me standing and reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. It is rebellious recognition. It is a high honor. It is the principle of the matter – and the matter is that African Americans are Americans whether we like it or not. 

The principle is the integrity. Integrity has built the dignity. All I wanted to be is dignified in my citizenship. With gratitude, I gained the dignity on my terms – and not in earning a passing grade in Western Civilization. 

Hopefully, we –America’s black citizens- did cook out, ate the usual summer menu items, consumed domestic beer, popped-off fireworks, and learned from the many scenes in the movie, Glory- on America’s birthday.  
*On July 18, 1863 the 54th Massachusetts attacked Fort Wagner (depicted in the movie "Glory" and W. H. Carney was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor many years later.

The Black Rebel 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

Let me begin by saying that Tracey Morgan’s use of God’s Creation ability as a - non mistake occurrence - is another example of people using shallow vacation bible school learning as the unadulterated truth. I ask, what in the hell does Tracey know about God’s creation other than what his momma, daddy, and some in-the-closet deacon told him? And, if he wants to play around with his biblical beliefs, let me further question, “Why did God repeatedly sanction the death of children in the Hebrew Bible (OT) and why did this same mean-azz God issue threats of death and destruction to the Created, homo sapiens, in King James’ pathetic version of what some call Grace – but is really ‘The Easy Way Out’? Who is this God that does not make mistakes? Tracey is right…God does not make mistakes…God is just a force that plays horrible tricks on the Created. What do you call it when two people are told not to do something, and the deity that gave the mandate pretends to be gone/not paying attention – but is still omnipresent…then knowingly the Created would disobey? That is the description of a cunning manipulator. God set Adam and Eve up! God framed them…that’s if you believe the Garden of Eden story. Also, I guess God’s Mistakes are:

Paul Robenson

Alvin Ailey

Langston Hughes

I can go on and on. Tracey Morgan is a damn idiot!

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

I guess I am gay if I

Enjoy reading, maintain a clean household, want to take a shower after I take a big nasty shit, live in Atlanta, Georgia, prefer to make love and not f*ck, is more interested in talking instead of shutting down, drop a few tears when horrific tragedies are aired on the world news, wash-up with wet wipes, like to eat sushi, listen to classical music, talk to my kids instead of beating them like slaves were beat, deplore the word faggot, cross my legs while smoking a pipe, always defends God’s Greatest Gift (women), attend wine tastings, visit art galleries, have manners, tuck-in my oxfords, don’t sag, serve on the PTA, shops at the farmer’s market, mostly drink imported beer, doesn’t mind briefly holding his woman’s purse while she adjust her skirt before she goes into an interview, is okay with braiding his niece’s hair, is not embarrassed to go with his female cousins to purchase tampons, wears a sarong to the pool, like smoothies, and been known to have gay friends, mentors, and doctors.

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

Jesus could have been easily tagged as a gay man. He was passionate. Understanding. All those other attributes that real women prefer. To end this Gay Azz Commentary: Jesus did hangout with NOTHING BUT men. Twelve of them! And, he did let a man by the name of Judas give him a kiss:

This One has Gay Written All Over It…

The Black Rebel will defend anyone, man or women, who has been the receiver of Western and religious bigotry. I don’t care if he/she likes the same gender. People are God’s Created…and before we start quoting what the bible says let us understand that being gay does not excommunicate one from the Human family. You may not agree with…whatever you want to call someone’s life…but you and them (us) have to live in what could have been a gay (look up the word) world if you Christians, Muslims, and other pollutants would not have corrupted the universe with


By the way, if I were gay I would be mad as hell with all these people pretending to be gay…as if it is the cool thing to do/be. By the way again, all these holy rollers who subscribe to the homophobic rhetoric may want to condemn David and Solomon, they were male whores..that’s if you believe

The Word of God.

I said it…and I am completely comfortable with anyone thinking/assuming that I am homosexual…but Me due like

The Black Rebel

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royalty is not Cultured

Culture is the character of a people’s identity, the good and the bad. Culture at its root –at its alpha- is unblemished…but over time it can be seasoned with moral corruption, irresponsibility and superciliousness. In most cases the true essence of a people’s culture is beyond reproach. That’s if it is not tainted with brutal imperialism and outlandish liberalism.

Culture is solidified…permanently footprint-ed in the universe leaving humans with brilliance, integrity, sophistication, and unfortunately with inflated egos and even horrible memories of human hatred i.e. Pacific Islanders were slaughtered by Christian missionaries. Therefore, culture should never drift, die or create a new identity. Culture will remain…with and without its orchestrators when this temporary existence that we refer to as Life implodes.

Early this week an associate and I were discussing The Royal Wedding. He let me know with high intensity that I was being shallow when I stated,

“I am not interested in The Royal Wedding. I can care less about British royalty. And, no, I do not plan to watch any footage pertaining to the wedding – and I definitely will not be up at 4AM viewing the ceremony. I don’t identify with that is NOT culture; I meant to type: that way of life.”

Should have kept that to myself considering this associate of mine got offended. I was stunned by his immediate defense of an event that will be a brief moment in history’s evolvement. He was bent out of shape like someone who is British would be…possibly. He was stuck in that moment of the conversation while I was onto talk about the ongoing saga in Ivory Coast. He later abruptly ended the call with “I can’t hear you. You are breaking up.” – but before he got off the phone he asked,

“Muata, what is THAT you’re listening to?”

He made such an ass of himself when he let his mind form that question. I with PRIDE provided some education:

“That? That is music…PAUSE… It is Afro Zouk. Its origins are based in Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, St. Lucia, and Dominica.”

Surprisingly, he was clueless. I found that to be perplexing considering he coins himself as ‘cultured’. But yet, he blasted me on my lack of interest in British culture and nonchalant attitude toward The Royal Wedding. Never acknowledging that the United States’ primary and secondary school educational system requires its citizens to study and memorize British historical timelines and British monarchs. So…I am well aware of Britain’s influence. And, I am also well aware of Britain’s role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade…

In my lifetime, I have been regrettably amazed by the unrelenting interest African Americans have in meaningless Western holidays (most recently the celebration of a man dying then coming back to life), the embarrassing level of ignorance regarding African, Caribbean, and African American history (Eugenia Charles was one of the first women to lead a country), and the blatant denial of any culture that’s connected to Afrocentric heritage (some black parents will not allow their children to watch Roots).
African Americans will celebrate Cinco de Mayo – but refuse to acknowledge the Ghanaian Independence Day. We will drink green beer in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day – but refuse to sample Zambezi (beer from Zimbabwe). We will with pride pledge a blind allegiance to the United States, but refuse to identify with the Negro National Anthem. We will claim Olive Garden’s Italian food is our favorite, but refuse to sample Kuku Wa Kupaka (Tanzanian Chicken in Coconut Sauce). We will freely call each nigger, but refuse to greet each other with Hotep (a positive salutation). We will spend countless hours viewing with anticipation the media hype of The Royal Wedding, but refuse to spend a little time researching African Royalty and the significance of it.

So, I will not watch any form of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton’s nuptials. Nothing against them. They are a beautiful looking couple. I, on the other hand, in rebellious protest, have plans to rise at 4AM Friday morning - and honor myself and my culture by working out like John Ekiru Kelai, Kenyan marathon runner and meditating on the music of Peter Tosh,

You should join me in rebellion and in allegiance to where culture in many ways –despite the forced and permitted rape -is still on a grassroots level authentic, wholesome, humble, spiritual, and in NO need of fanfare:
Enjoy the sounds of Oliver N’Goma (Afro Zouk artist). It was his music that was playing in the background when my ‘cultured’ associate was reminding me that he and several other black people of American decent; and Caucasians are bought, sold, and are significantly void of culture.

The Black Rebel

Friday, April 1, 2011

Connecting Discipline to Jamie Hood

Everyone has their opinion on how one should discipline children. It does not matter the age of the child an opinion is always in the forefront. Unfortunately and I guess fortunately, random people are more than willing to offer up a suggestion on methods of disciplining children. With frustration I have to admit that the unfortunate is when people issue the recommendations at the most inopportune times. Like at the grocery store while your two and half year old is reaching for and grabbing everything in sight.

“You need to beat him.”

Really? Did she say that to me? What…? I must be hearing things. No…I heard a woman from my mother’s generation correctly. Evidently, I was not addressing the curiosity of my two year old adequately.

Perhaps the fortunate element of the randomness of people’s opinion is a sign of the African Village Concept at work: Help one teach one. Without success and coupled with minor rudeness, that was the woman in the grocery store effort. The seasoned ‘villager’ was doing her part at one of my favorite places to sample various fruits, breads, cheese, and wines - without buying anything - Whole Foods. The perfect setting for village life outside of an African or Caribbean open market.

Parenting is an art, and I have concluded that many parents including myself were/are certainly not artist. We are duplications of our non-artistic parents. Obviously, parents of my mother’s generation may have unintentionally neglected to master parenting. Or, maybe they did and we, The Know it All Generation, failed to retain the morals and values our moms and pops instilled. Surprisingly, we -Generation X - continue to boastfully say, “My momma did it this way. It worked for me.” Usually, the ‘it’ is synonymous with a BEATING. Back in the 70’s and 80’s BEATINGS were extremely popular – and acceptable to initiate by strangers e.g. principals, teachers, and the drunk neighbor.

While watching a dynamic display of amateur athletic prowess and a good ole fashion ass whipping last Friday night the local television news station decided to split my tube television screen. One small box was a March Madness Sweet 16 match-up. A terrific display of well coached discipline! And, the other slightly larger box was live footage of a DMX-looking man with a Ladies Love Me six pack; accompanied by non-distraught and well-disciplined for the moment hostages walking out what looked to be a housing authority apartment with their hands in the air. 

The man every police officer in northern Georgia was looking for finally surrendered. Jamie Hood decided to do what was best before he was hunted down successfully. That hope for preferable success - in my and certainly in the minds of the cops was Hebrew bible retaliation, a life for a life. Consequently, it would not have bothered me in the slightest if Hood was shot and killed by a SWAT sharpshooter. I probably would have applauded the deputized overseers for using Hood’s center mass as target practice!

Later that night after watching ten disciplined and profitable black men try to put a ball in a hoop, I watched the Jamie Hood surrender footage again and again, then I asked myself: ‘I wonder if Jamie’s toothless mother BEAT him when he was a rambunctious two year old?’ The comment issued to me in Whole Foods came back to me too: “You need to beat him.” Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…AGAIN!

Beatings, whippings, whatever we call them these days are not a deterrent. Beatings utilized as discipline will not prevent a creation like Jamie Hood. I am willing to wager my unemployment direct deposit that Jamie’s mother whipped his behind when he was a child. I am confident in that because MOST black people I know acknowledge that they BEAT their children. It is like a badge of honor. Ask a random black person if they beat their children – and watch the zeal in their eyes. I have seen this prideful intensity - as if their justification for BEATING their children is to prevent negative behavior. As if BEATINGS have been a successful remedy for the prevalent black male sociopathic behavior.

I can assure with an accurate zealous demeanor:

BEATING black boys with the hopes of keeping them from turning out like Jamie Hood is not working. Prisons are full of black men who got BEATINGS.

“I beat my children so they won’t end up in prison.” How I have with repugnance heard that recycled manure!

It is obvious to me that those who beat their children –and I don’t care if you are white, black, or brown- may not have the right approach when it comes to discipline. I have singled out black people in this written expression because it is also apparent to me that black people who beat their children may want to reevaluate their slave-learned brutality disguised as discipline.

The Black Rebel will not BEAT his inquisitive two and half year old. He plans to utilize the ridiculed by most black people European approach: Time outs - and institute a useful tactic that anyone can learn from African folklore: Corrective communication seasoned with cultural empowerment. By the way, black people always pose as experts on

 – but yet black people lead the way in committing violent crimes against each other…

The Black Rebel